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Francoeur is the main protagonist of the French animated movie A Monster in Paris.


Francoeur is a pale blue and black flea with amber eyes (also having a hint of red) and clawed paws. His back is black. On stage, he wears a suit and a white hat as well as a blue scarf. He also puts on a mask so as not to be recognized. Otherwise, he is often seen with a black coat that covers his entire body, a black hat, and a red scarf. He is very large in size for most of the movie


He is very kind and gentle. He is also insecure, sensitive and intelligent. He loves to sing.


Francoeur started out as a tiny flea, but when he comes into contact with a super fertilizer and a potion for giving creatures a 'melodious voice', he grows to the height of 7 feet, and quickly gains the nickname "The Monster of Paris".

However, when Lucille, 'The Angel of Montmartre' discovers his talent for singing, she realizes that he's not a monster at all, and welcomes him into her home, The Rare Bird Caberet. Together, they sing "La Seine" and the public doesn't know Francoeur is singing. Lucille then introduces him to Raoul and Emile who will help them to hide Francoeur from Victor Maynott.

When organizing the funicular, they put in place a plan so that the prefect thinks he is killing the flea and can leave him alone. However, Maynott discovers the deception and chases Francoeur in the city. The commissioner pursues him aboard an airship to the Eiffel Tower but Francoeur weakens, starting to shrink. His friends then believe he was killed and Maynott is arrested by his henchman, Paté for the damage he caused and his animal cruelty.

At the end of the film, we learn that Francoeur is still alive and sings in Lucille's ear during one of her performances. Raoul then goes to the Professor's laboratory and takes the same flasks to grow the flea again. Lucille greets Francoeur and sing along with Raoul who dances behind them.

During a credits scene, Francoeur is with his friends on the airship seen earlier in the film and all together throw sunflower seeds into the water that was flooding Paris and then grow giant plants.


Francoeur being accepted by Lucille, much to his surprise


  • Francoeur is voiced by the French singer M in the French dub and Sean Lennon (son of Beatles member John Lennon) in the English dub.
  • Francoeur means 'Honest Heart'
  • He is inspired by the Phantom of the Opera and has some similarities to the Iron Giant.


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