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Could zis get any worse?

Francois Turbot (pronounced "fran-swah too-boh") is a human character on the TV show PAW Patrol. He is Cap'n Turbot's French cousin and sidekick who is often seen with him.


Francois is egotistical, overconfident, and attention-seeking, often trying anything he can to make himself look more skilled at things than others, including his cousin, whom he shares has a rivalry with. Despite his self-centered character, Francois isn't truly a bad person at heart and never makes problems on purpose.


Francois's physical appearance and stature are similar to those of his cousin. has white skin, brown hair, and a mustache and goatee. He wears round glasses with pink lenses, a red and white striped shirt with a blue necktie, a blue beret, blue jeans, and brown shoes.

Other outfits and accessories

  • A yellow and blue lifejacket
  • A blue acrobat's unitard and a blue fedora with a red sweatband
  • A coconut hat
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