Saint Michael. Patron saint of soldiers. He's had my back since Kasserine. Zussman, three times in ten seconds, and he's all yours.
~ Frank Aiello

Technician Fifth Grade Frank Aiello (born July 17, 1923) is an Italian-American WW2 veteran from Call of Duty: WWII. He is a friend of Ronald "Red" Daniels, Robert Zussman, and Drew Stiles. He is also in the same squad as them. Along with Zussman, Stiles, and Daniels, he was very upset about the death of Joseph Turner. Perhaps his most heroic act was helping William Pierson, Daniels, and Stiles find Zussman in a German concentration camp. He is a pessimist who often agrees with Pierson's arguments and shows himself to be racist, but this changes later. He fought in the Battle of Kasserine and lost many of his friends due to Pierson attempting to save his squad. He also collected the pendant of Saint Michael, but lost it to Zussman.


  • He is from Queens, New York and is Italian-American.
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