Franken Stein is a character in Soul Eater and is Spirit's old meister and friend. He is a teacher in DWMA and a mad scientist. He seems obsessed with dissecting creatures to the point it seemed to take up most of the classwork if not all of it. He was able to control his Soul Wavelength meaning he could use any Weapon partner and was said to be the strongest meister to ever graduate the DWMA.

He was voiced by Yuya Uchida in the Japanese version, and by Chuck Huber in the English version.


Being mad in science (hence the titular mad scientist he based on) he sees everything and one including himself as a possible experiment. This mental illness was suffered since his childhood: He often wanted to dissect the people around him only to be stopped by Spirit. This personality trait made all those around him afraid of him. This strange hobby of wanting to dissect anything he thinks is interesting was still present, even when Stein became an adult; once, as part of a lesson, he tried to have his class dissect an endangered animal much to Maka's concern, claiming that it would be bad if he did not find out anything from it before it became extinct. The stitching across his face suggests that he had worked on himself at one point.

He also exhibits a sadistic and intimidating personality. During his battle against Maka and Black☆Star, he grabbed Maka by one of her pigtails, lifted her shirt up and drew marks on her belly, to signify where he would put the knife through, and ponders if he should turn her skin into sandpaper. Also, when Black☆Star tried to attack him, he countered by knocking him out in a seemingly painful and bloody manner that her opponents believed that he killed Black☆Star, only for the latter turned out merely K.O.ed and yelling that he's still alive. His smiles are normally filled with sadistic intentions.

Despite this and his sadistic nature, he actually cares for and feels the need to protect those he considers his friends. He also exhibits a rather paternal demeanour towards his students and expresses deep disgust and moral outrage towards Medusa for stating that she would abandon her own child, Crona, when he/she would become useless to her. It is never stated when this other personality arose. Although Naigus stated that he always alone and had no love in him, Stein ironically capable in love as he had a romantic relationship with Marie and even had a child together with her. Although, given that his madness over science was suffered at his young age, feelings such as love in him may not have developed at a normal age, unlike normal people.

Immense Power

Franken Stein is recognized by Death as the strongest meister to have graduated from Death Weapon Meister Academy and considers his power as immense. With his immensely powerful Soul Wavelength, Soul Perception, and massive skill in Meister techniques, being regarded as one of the very best Meisters and a "ultra first-rate meister" (超一流職人, Chō Ichiryū Shokunin) by Maka and a genius by Spirit, Spirit considered him the most powerful meister at Death Weapon Meister Academy, surpassing that of Sid Barrett and the other faculty and students within the E.A.T Class, though nowhere near Death's level but second only to him in terms of power and skill.

Stein's power is great enough to effortlessly handle Maka and Black Star, both highly skilled and powerful Meister students, with Maka even considering him far out of their league, as well as easily defeating Crona and Ragnarok just after they had defeated Maka and Soul. He could also fight on par with Medusa Gorgon, an extremely powerful witch stated to be second only to Arachne in terms of power among witches, and eventually outmatch and defeat her. Even when Black Star had greatly improved his skills and had began his path on becoming a War God, Stein still proved capable of overpowering him when they were both without weapons. He, with Mjolnir, was able to easily kill Justin Law, an extremely powerful Death Scythe.


  • Wavelength Control: Stein is described as having a flexible soul as well as a powerful soul wavelength with highly advanced levels of control over it, enabling him to a variety of capabilities with only his wavelength, such as being able to easily counter the attacks of certain soul wavelength attacks (such as Ultimate Move: Black☆Star Big Wave) by adjusting the characteristics of his Wavelength to match others, in which causes it to lose it's power.
    • Soul Resonance: Stein is capable of synchronizing his wavelength with other Demon Weapon and performing more powerful techniques as a result of his given weapon amplifying his wavelength sent by him, sending the amplified wavelength back to Stein, and repeating the process. His mastery of this technique is such that he is capable of synchronizing his wavelength with multiple teams of Weapons and Meisters through an indirect connection between their souls and even taught Maka, Death the Kid, and Black Star to do so.
    • Soul Menace: Franken Stein is a very skilled and powerful practitioner of the special art known as Soul Menace, in which allows him to apply his own Soul Wavelength offensively without the usage of a weapon. This ability allows him to attack with a variety of techniques in which mimic the properties of electricity. This move also allows him to deal deadly internal damage powerful enough to negate the usage of the Black Blood from Crona/Ragnarok after three usages during their battle as well as send his opponents at a distance due to it's powerful force as well has a variety of technique variation thanks to this art as well as easily "kill" White Rabbit in one hit. Black☆Star once remarked that unlike himself, Stein is able to fire Soul Menaces consecutively without build-up and admits Stein's profiency over Soul Menace surpasses his.
      • Two Palm Soul Menace - Twin Spears:A variation of the attack Soul Menace that instead makes use of both hands, rather than just one. However, due to the inclusion of an extra hand, the attack's power is greatly amplified and able to incapacitate even strong opponents.
      • Consecutive Soul Menace Three-Fold! "Gi" "Go" "Shoku": A variation of the Soul Menace technique, that instead rapidly hits an opponent three times in succession, using the same fist. The attack inflicts enough internal damage to cause the target to bleed from the mouth.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Stein is exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. With his unarmed combat skills combined with his various skills, he effortlessly took down Maka Albarn and Black☆Star with they both used their weapons in their first altercation and could even outmatch Black☆Star in a spar after he improved his skills greatly. He's also capable of effortlessly blending hand-to-hand combat strikes while also fighting with a weapon efficiently and even forgoing the use of his weapon and relying on some of his unarmed ability to remarkable success evident as he did so during his battle against Crona, easily landing several crippling blows.
  • Immense Mastery of Meister Techniques: Having extraordinary talent as a Meister, to where Spirit regarded him as a genius and capable of effectively mastering a weapon if he even gets slightly curious about one, Stein is capable of wielding many different kind of weapons with considerable skill and finesse.
    • Scythe Meister: Mainly, Franken Stein is known to be an extremely skilled Scythe-Meister and normally employs Death Scythe as his main weapon of choice when using a scythe. As a Scythe-Meister, he's very adept at handling a Scythe enough to spin and twirl a scythe weapon with ease. His skill has enabled him to fairly easily and quickly outmatch Crona using the Demon Sword against him and fight on par with the witch, Medusa, effectively fending off her magic spells, before eventually defeating her.
      • Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe Meister: Being such an exceptional Scythe Meister, Stein clearly fully understands the three most powerful Scythe Techniques and has proven skilled enough that even using the weakest of the techniques, the Witch Hunt, is capable of easily overcoming Medusa's attacks.
    • Hammer Meister: Stein is incredibly skilled with a hammer, capable of using Mjolnir's weapon form as both a hammer and tonfo, being able to easily take on Justin Law who retreated after Stein used Mjolnir's Lightning Rope, even when the rogue death weapon merged with the Clown and used his abilities as a stationary weapon to his advantage, Stein manage to defeat and kill Justin.
    • Lamp Meister: Stein has shown the ability to use a Lantern as a weapon such as the Demon Lamp with remarkable ability. While able to use it similar Kim Diehl's method, he can also improvise and use it like that of a propeller for his fists for extra damage, having done so against Soul Evans when he found he couldn't allow the formidable Death Scythe to touch the normal Demon Weapon without Jacqueline feeling pain due to the difference in power between the two weapons.
  • Great Physical Prowess: Stein has amazing physical prowess, posessing enough strength to kick Crona away a fair distance away when he saved Maka as well as break down the Santa Mario Novella Basilica with a kick whearas Maka wasn't able to push open due to the doors only opening inwards. His punch also managed to send Black☆Star a distance away. Stein also possesses incredible speed, moving fast enough to appear as a blur as he rushed to Medusa during his fight with her. He also managed to allude Ragnarok's eye sight moments after performing Experimental Ectoplasm and when the weapon quickly emerged from Crona's body. Stein also has great endurance for a human, having taken multiple bloody-needles from Crona on his side of both his body and head and continued to be able to fight despite the injuries. He's also survived being drilled though and hit by Medusa Gorgon's Vector Arrows at close range.
  • Intellectual Genius: Stein is an extremely intelligent individual, being an incredibly brilliant and resourceful but informal doctor and scientist, with various rumors of him tinkering with his own body and performing Zombie experiments, even successfully raising Sid Barrett as a Zombie, as well as being capable of performing single-handedly advanced, live-saving surgeries and treating ailments caused by even Magic.


  • His English Voice Actor, Chuck Huber is best known for voicing  Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, Kururu from Sgt. Frog, Sleepy Ash from Servamp and Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist series.



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