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♪He's more than a mascot, he'll help you a whole lot. He is really super silly, he's Frankie.♪
~ Frankie's theme song in JumpStart 1st Grade (1995)
I'm Frankie, and what I love most are my friends. I love to talk to them, listen to them, and play games with them. I am a really good friend because I really care about you.
~ Frankie's self-introduction in JumpStart Advanced series

Frankie the Dog is one of the main protagonists of the JumpStart series. He is the anthropomorphic dachshund dog who was originally a mascot of the first grade media but now serves as a primary mascot of the entire series and stars in each of the games for a wide variety of ages.



According to the original Knowledge Adventure website[1], Frankie was born to his parents, Ludwig and Hildegarde von Weinerhund, and is the youngest of all six dachshund puppies. He was originally a runt of a litter, but this had made him try harder. Frankie was exhibiting his love of performing early on. And after honing his skills as a juggler, Frankie got a job at the circus. However, he wanted to be a First Grade mascot; he had to learn something new everyday.

JumpStart Reading for 1st Graders

In this game, Frankie was the former circus juggler. At his new house, Frankie was told by his old circus friend, Katia, that the evil-spirited magician, Mel, whom she was formerly an assistant to, turned the other circus performers into jigsaw puzzles and scattered the pieces around the circus carnival. And so Frankie vowed to help Katia and other performers. In order to save the circus from Mel, the goal of the player is to find each of the missing jigsaw puzzle pieces by playing each reading activity and earn each of the four tickets so that the player and Frankie can enter the Lost-and-Found wagon to get a clue.

JumpStart Math for 1st Graders

In this game, Frankie loved to make messes in his backyard, not knowing that this disturbed the bugs that called it home, specifically by digging holes and burring his bones. This caused the Queen Bee to shrink Frankie to the size of an ant as punishment. Now the player and Frankie had to explore through his giant-sized backyard by playing the math activities as well as making some new friends, including Ruby the Worker Bee, to earn each of the magic dog tags for Frankie's collar that hasn't been shrunk in order to become big again.

JumpStart 1st Grade

In this updated game, as the mascot of the first grade school, the energetic Frankie wanted the player to help him find treasures that were hidden in each of the neighboring islands by winning activities around the school with his teachers and his best friend Floyd the Basset Hound, who was in charge of being a hall monitor. Each time the player earned three clues, Frankie was ready for the treasure hunt. During the treasure hunt, the first clue was to answer a question that got the player onto Frankie's boat. The second clue told the player which of the islands to steer Frankie's boat to. And the third clue revealed where on that island the treasure was located. A complete treasure hunt was finished after searching six treasures.

JumpStart Advanced series

In this series, Frankie was one of the JumpStart All-Stars (alongside his six friends) whose unique learning style is 'The People Person' as well as the team leader.

In JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade, Frankie and his All-Star gang were preparing for the Scooter Race Tournament in the town of JumpStartville, but Frankie's little cousin Squirt the Puppy got pushed and busted his old scooter by the two mean and nasty scooter racers, Jimmy Bumples and his "sidekick" Skid. And since the grand prize for winning the tournament was a Super Scooter, Frankie came up with an idea that he and his pals had to create and invent the scooters gadgets of their own so that they could beat Jimmy at the race tournament to win a new scooter for Squirt. The goal of the player was to collect power-ups to add each of the characters' scooters by completing different activities around JumpStartville. The power-ups could be changed into gadgets to enhance scooters as well as tricks to place each of the tracks. Frankie's power-up was the Smoky Bone, his gadget was the Turbo Bones, and his trick for the tracks was the Dish of Old Dog Food. Frankie was one of seven playable characters who could be selected to be the player's racer. Once the player beat Jimmy Bumples at his own race track, Squirt would then receive a new Super Scooter as the game ended.

In JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade, Frankie was the commander-in-chief of the JumpStart Intelligence Agency where he was in the JumpStart Headquarters, giving Agent CJ and his assistant Edison the assignments to take on the evil Dr. O who was creating problems for JumpStartville.

JumpStart 3D Virtual World series

In this series, Frankie is the camp leader and head counselor of the summer camp called "Camp JumpStart" where he can find the answers to each of the problems.