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I'm Frankie, and what I love most are my friends. I love to talk to them, listen to them, and play games with them. I am a really good friend because I really care about you.
~ Frankie's introduction in JumpStart Advanced series
This year will be your most challenging year of learning and adventure yet. Each of you will be training to become... True Heroes!
~ Frankie to his camp scouts in JumpStart World 2nd Grade

Frankie is one of the main protagonists of the JumpStart series. He is the anthropomorphic dachshund dog who was originally a mascot of the first grade media but now serves as a primary mascot of the entire series and stars in each of the games for a wide variety of ages.


JumpStart Reading for 1st Graders

In this game, Frankie was the former circus juggler. At his new house, Frankie was told by his old friend, Katia, that the evil-spirited magician, Mel, whom she was formerly an assistant to, turned the other circus performers into jigsaw puzzles and scattered the pieces around the circus carnival. And so Frankie vowed to help Katia and other performers. In order to save the circus from Mel, the goal of the player is to find each of the missing jigsaw puzzle pieces by playing each reading activity and earn each of the four tickets so that the player and Frankie can enter the Lost-and-Found wagon to get a clue.

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