Frankie is the tetartagonist of The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature. He is either a French bulldog or a Boston Terrier. He is the love interest and later husband of Precious.

He is voiced by Bobby Cannavale also voiced Valiente from Ferdinand.


He is black and white dog. He has blue eyes, and wears a blue and yellow collar.


He cares about Precious and his pups. He is dumb and oblivious. He is very affectionate and caring. He is confident, loyal, friendly, playful and jolly.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

Surly gets caught in one of Gunther's traps, and the animals are pursued by Muldoon's dog, Frankie, who later falls in love with Precious.

Surly and Buddy find Muldoon's mansion, where they save Precious in the room of Muldoon's bratty daughter, Heather. Precious tells Frankie she is not interested in him, breaking his heart.

Precious finds Frankie, and apologizes to him for what happened earlier while confessing she does care for him, causing Frankie to fall in love with her again. After the pair make up, Heather tries to get Gunther to tranquilize them. But due to the interference of Surly, Andie and Buddy, Gunther shoots Heather, knocking her out while he runs away.

Several months later, the people help rebuild Liberty Park to its former glory. After the park is rebuilt, Precious and Frankie have puppies, and he teach his puppies about way of dog.


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