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♫Hey, it's Franklin
Coming over to play
Growing a little
Every day
Here he comes with all his friends
He's got stories, got time to spend with you
Hey, it's Franklin
Coming to your house
Hey, it's Franklin
Coming to my house
Hey, it's Franklin♫

~ Lyrics from Franklin's theme song
I can count by twos and tie my shoes.
~ Franklin's catchphrase.

Franklin is a green turtle and the titular protagonist of the 1997 show of the same name, its spin-off, Franklin and Friends and the books voiced by Noah Reid (Seasons 1-5) and Cole Caplan (Season 6, Back to School with Franklin). He is Bear's best friend.


Franklin is the show's lead character and the main protagonist. He's also a big brother (a desire he had expressed multiple times in the past). He takes good care of his pet goldfish, Goldie, and also has a stuffed dog named Sam who, despite growing older, he still hangs onto and communicates with. Franklin enjoys baseball, swimming and hockey. Bear is his best friend. He is capable of fully removing his shell as apparently all turtles in the show are; his shell is a combination of clothing and backpack. He most often wears a hat and also wears a small red scarf around his neck.



Season 1

In "Franklin Plays the Game", Franklin has been trying to score a goal but he failed. He didn't had fun because he and his teammates always lose. However after losing another game Bear (who is member of the rival team) told him that it's more important to fun than successful. After Fox accidentally kicked the ball against Franklin, he quickly send it back with headbutt making Franklin realize that this is his best move in football. He also found out that Goose is better as a goalkeeper and Beaver should use her tail to send the ball to the others. After another game Franklin's team scored their first goal and got badges for their teamwork despite the fact that they lost. In the end they celebrated their progress at The Ice Cream Shop.

In "Hurry Up, Franklin", Franklin was hurrying up for Bear's birthday party and he was meeting with his other friends and played with them for a while, he was also finding treasures and Bear's baseball hat. When he saw Snail, Franklin noticed that Snail is sad because he won't make it in time, however Franklin decided to help him and they got to Bear's house just in time. In the end Franklin gave the hat and the treasures he found to Bear as a birthday gift.

In "Franklin's Halloween", Franklin talked with his friends about the Haunted House and he explained to Bear that he's afraid to go there, but Bear told him that it's only scary before you get to know it. After Bear decided to be the first going into the Haunted House, Franklin decided to be the second. Before the party, Franklin wondered what to dress as and he chose Frankenstein. During the party, he met a ghost and he believed it's Bear (since he always dresses as a ghost on Halloween), when everyone was waiting for Bear to get inside the Haunted House, he didn't came. They wondered if Bear already entered and it came Franklin's turn to enter. Franklin entered and he got frightened until he found out that it was Mr. Mole who was doing the tricks. Franklin was surprised to find out that Bear didn't came to the party because he had a cold, but he got shocked when he found out that the ghost wasn't Bear, after he explained that to his friends they got shocked and the ghost came out scaring them. But when a feather feel out on Franklin's nose he found out that the ghost was Mr. Owl. In the end Franklin and his friends gave part of their sweets to Bear.

Season 2

In "Franklin the Spy", Franklin and Bear played spies as they pretended that the letters are secret plans. Mr. and Mrs. Turtle caught them and asked them politely to play outside. Later they heard Beaver and Badger talking about a surprise and they decided to play spies on them to find out what is that surprise. They recorded part of Badger and Beaver's conversation and they assumed that the surprise was a water prank, and they decided to spoil their prank by pranking they first, however it turned out that the surprise was actually a puppet show, Franklin and Bear apologized for spoiling the show and made it up to Beaver and Badger.

Season 3

In "Franklin Camps Out", Franklin became too dependent on his friends when they were on a camp out. Eventually they got sick of it and stopped. At night, the wind woke Franklin up who saw the tent in danger, and with Bear asleep, he learned to be self sufficient in tying it down securely by himself.

Season 4

In "Franklin's Mom", Bear, Franklin and his family prepared to go out for a camping trip. When they packed up, Mr. Turtle accidentally droped a frying pan and it landed on his foot which gave him serious injuries, forcing him to stay out of the vacation. Mrs. Turtle took care of the rest of the work, which has some differences than what Mr. Turtle does. She show Franklin and Bear that there's always a solution and her solutions to every problem amaze the boys. In the end Mr. Turtle joins them as he found a solution for his injured foot.

Season 5

In "Franklin the Teacher", Franklin tried to teach Harriet so she can be ready for kindergarten. Nothing seemed to work, until his family discover that it was playing with Harriet before that actually taught her to hammer her own unsturdy chair.

In "Franklin Loses a Book", Franklin gets sick of reading Harriet's favourite book, The Happy Green Frog, so he decides to hide it inside a newspaper until her naptime. However, the book ends up missing after the newspaper ends up in the garbage with the book inside of it. Franklin and Bear search for another copy to replace the one Franklin lost. When he does, he finds out the pages are half missing, but is able to recall the story from memory.

Season 6

In "Franklin Forgives", Franklin brought Goldie to his family picnic. After Harriet accidentally knocked Goldie into the pond, Franklin got mad at her, she apologized a few times but Franklin didn't forgave her, Bear and Beatrice helped Harriet as they cleaned Franklin's bike so Franklin can forgive her but he didn't forgave her as he said that it won't bring Goldie back which made Bear angry, and he had an argument with his best friend. The next day, Franklin noticed that Goldie's aquarium was missing and so as Harriet, Franklin figured out that Harriet was going to search for Goldie and he stopped her as he didn't wanted to lose his sister, and so Franklin forgave his sister. In the end Beaver arrives with Goldie in a glass full of water and she explains that Goldie was swimming next to her house, and this is how she found her, as a reward Franklin invited her for breakfast.


Franklin and the Green Knight

Coming Soon

Franklin's Magic Christmas

Franklin the Turtle, his little sister, Harriet (introduced in the previous film, Franklin and the Green Knight), and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle, plan to spend Christmas with their maternal grandparents (Mrs. Turtle's parents) at Faraway Farm, a farm far away from Woodland where Mrs. Turtle grew up. As the family gets ready to leave, they sing the first and third verses of Deck the Halls. Franklin immediately becomes annoyed with Harriet when she throws a snowball at him, causing him to drop a large pile of presents. Franklin's best friend Bear and his little sister Beatrice come to collect Franklin's pet goldfish, Goldie, and Franklin accidentally leaves his favorite stuffed toy dog Sam behind. Franklin thinks that Harriet dumped Sam in the snow on purpose, when in reality Beatrice had found Sam and Bear had failed to give it back to Franklin before they left. Franklin is still annoyed with Harriet when they get to Faraway Farm, and he becomes even more annoyed when he learns that he and Harriet will be sleeping in the same room. Later that evening, his grandmother, Jenny, tells a strange story from her childhood about a reindeer. This story involves a flashback showing young Jenny and her father (Mrs. Turtle's grandfather and Franklin and Harriet's great-grandfather). Jenny admits that she might have imagined things just as Mr. Turtle takes a family portrait, in which Franklin gives a sad look because he still misses Sam. Jenny then shows Franklin Sirius outside and sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to him before sending him to bed.

The next day, as Franklin feeds the chickens, Jenny lets him in on a little surprise - she is fixing up an old sleigh for Grandfather Turtle. Franklin decides to help, and Jenny introduces him to her neighbors, the Collies, who collect the polish for the sleigh. That night, an ice storm strikes, causing a blackout, and while Franklin is checking the attic closet for candles, he comes across the bell from Jenny's story, revealing that she was not imagining the story after all. Franklin shows the bell to Jenny the next morning (Christmas Eve), and suggests that they use the bell for his grandfather's sleigh. Jenny has Harriet help with the sleigh, but Harriet spills the beans at lunch, much to Franklin's frustration, although fortunately, his grandfather does not overhear. Later, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle go to check on the Collies while Franklin and Harriet continue to work on the sleigh. Despite Franklin telling her not to do so, Harriet rings the bell, and just like in Jenny's story, a reindeer appears. Franklin runs to the house to tell Jenny. In the process, Franklin distracts Grandfather Turtle, who slips on a puddle of ice and breaks his leg. Back in the house, Jenny examines him and tells him to rest. Grandfather Turtle comforts Harriet when she cries and when Franklin says that he feels guilty, Grandfather Turtle tells him it was simply an accident. Jenny sends Franklin and Harriet to their room while she cares for Grandfather Turtle.

Franklin decides to use the sleigh to go back to Woodland and find Bear and Beatrice's mother, Dr. Bear. He eventually discovers that Harriet has come along, hidden in the back. Rosie the horse, who is pulling the sleigh, is just as surprised as Franklin, and runs away, leaving the two young turtles stranded and lost in the woods. Back at the farm, Jenny finds a note that Franklin wrote saying that he is going back to Woodland to find Dr. Bear. Mr. and Mrs. Turtle soon return home from the Collies'; they discover what has happened and they and the grandparents become worried about Franklin and Harriett. Meanwhile, Franklin angrily scolds his sister for her disobedience, which causes her to break down. Franklin then comforts and apologizes to her. Harriett then reveals that she has the bell. With Franklin's approval, she rings it, and this time two reindeer come. One of them has the same exact bell as the one Franklin and Harriet have. Franklin realizes that the bell must belong to the other reindeer and that this is why he always comes whenever somebody rings it. With the bell back, the original reindeer creates a harness seemingly out of nowhere. With the help of the two reindeer, Franklin and Harriett soon arrive at the Bears' house and fetch Dr. Bear. Back at the farm, Jenny and Mr. and Mrs. Turtle decide to split up and try to find the children. Rosie returns to the farm and they all see Franklin, Harriet, and Dr. Bear arrive by sleigh. Dr. Bear gives Grandfather Turtle a cast for his leg and also returns Sam to Franklin, much to his delight. That night, Franklin and Harriet see Santa Claus and the reindeer out the window. The film ends with Franklin and Harriet wishing each other a merry Christmas.

Back to School with Franklin

The main plot focuses around Franklin Turtle and his friends starting a new year of school after a fun and relaxing summer, only to find out that their teacher Mr. Owl is absent because he got called away on a family matter. Their replacement teacher, Miss Koala from Australia, pulls up on a motorbike and at first Franklin finds her weird. She uses phrases such as "fair dinkum" and wants to create a brand-new soccer team. Soon, however, he and everyone else in the class are won over by her "can-do" attitude.

Meanwhile, Franklin's younger sister, Harriet is upset because her best friend, Beatrice has gone to preschool, meaning that she cannot play with her most of the time on weekdays. Her spirits are raised when she meets Beaver's younger brother Kit, but Kit is a bit shy and may not be ready to play with her, especially after an accident on the slide results in them both getting injured.

Books and films can help calm first-time students. Franklin, Canada's kid-lit turtle star of many titles in both media outlets, can tell you about his experiences with that queasy tummy. However, unlike previous episodes on the re-occurring show. Within this special edition movie Franklin walked in excited to be back to school, but did not realize the number of changes that he would have to experience on his first day of the school year. Many students around the world, let alone the nation face these same fears of change.

Hence, this special edition is able to help students cope with their fears. Watching Franklin and his class overcome their fears of change and eventually accept the fact that they were going to have an interim teacher, is an aspect that many students are able to relate to when starting a new school year. Many students starting at a new school fear that they are unable to create new friendships, or constantly feel bored because they do not have their friends that they are used to playing with. This aspect can also be related to the movie and Franklin's sister Harriet. Although Harriet had not started school yet, she was going through an emotional time knowing that her friend was starting school and not able to play with her during the day anymore. Harriet was quickly able recover from this by being introduced to Beaver's little brother Kit. She was still a little frustrated because their personalities did not match at first, however, they were quickly able to recover from this rough beginning to their friendship. Franklin's characters morals and maturity can are also noticed in this episode when he hands over his favourite blue blanket to his little sister, to help keep her calm. These same values are then later noticed when she copies the actions of her brother to hand them to her new friend Kit during his troubles.

Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure

Coming Soon




  • Franklin's favorite color is red.
  • Franklin's star sign is a Leo (♌).
  • Franklin's favorite sports are soccer and baseball.
  • Franklin is the only one with a real name instead of an animal name, unlike all his friends having animal names, and even if he did, then his animal name would be "Turtle".
  • Noah Reid provided the voice of Franklin for the first five seasons of the television program. In the sixth season and the television movie, Back to School with Franklin, Cole Caplan (who also voiced Olie Polie, and previously had a small role as the one-shot guest voice of Squirrel) voiced him. Cameron Ansell (who also voiced Arthur Read) replaced Caplan as the voice in the U.S.-language version of the Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure film. Graeme Jokic is the character's regular voice in the spin-off Franklin and Friends.