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Fraxinus is the airship used by the organization of Ratatoskr in the Date A Live franchise.

The command center of Ratatoskr is located on the airship, making it very important. It is currently hovering about 15 km above Tengu City. It is shown to have several defensive and offensive capabilities.

Known Locations

  • Command Center
  • Sick Bay

Known Crew Members

Equipment & Weapons


  • Realizer
    • Invisible
    • Avoid
    • Protect
    • 8 Control
    • 10 AR-008 Basic
  • Yggdrafolium


  • Mystletainn
  • Gungnir


  • Fraxinus comes from Fraxinus excelsior, the scientific name of European Ash, which was believed to be Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree.
  • Fraxinus cannot attack unless it deactivates invisible mode. (Volume 5)
  • Fraxinus is currently the only known ship used by the Ratatoskr organization.
  • Fraxinus is run by, as mentioned by Shido in the dub, a bunch of perverts.


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