Fraz Flub is one of the two main characters of The Brothers Flub. He is the older twin brother of Guapo Flub and one of Tarara Boomdeyay's employees


Fraz is a small creature with blue fur, a large pointy rodent-like nose, and a rat-like tail. He has bags under his eyes from constantly worrying and overworking himself. He wears an indigo jumpsuit with short yellow sleeves, a large yellow collar, yellow leggings and a yellow infinity symbol on the chest. He also wears indigo shoes with white soles, and a large backwards indigo and yellow cap with a yellow antenna.


Fraz constantly worries about bad luck and death or as he calls it "doom". Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries he can never avoid bad luck. Fraz is also obsessed with organization and order, he always wants to plan ahead so he writes a book called his "Master Plan", which started when he first hatched.



Fraz and Guapo have known each other their whole lives, from being in the egg to working at Retrograde. Guapo always drives Fraz crazy, whether he means to or not. Fraz and Guapo argue a lot about who's ideas are better and often put their wants above each other. Fraz is so annoyed by Guapo, he sometimes wishes he never had a brother. However, the brothers love each other very much and they make sacrifices for each other's well-being. They may have a sibling rivalry, but deep down they are best friends.

Tarara Boomdeyay

Miss Boomdeyay is very mean-spirited towards Fraz and threatens him if he messes things up. Despite this, Fraz is not only loyal to her, he also admires her. Though unlike Guapo, he sometimes follows in her footsteps to be an overworking tyrant as seen in Bunch of Trouble.


Fraz and Valerina are close friends, though Valerina is often annoyed by Fraz's whining and calls him a "big baby". Fraz also hates Valerina's opera singing.

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