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I know I had my doubts, but it was worth leaving home. I'm glad I had Xara and Romeo with me. I don't know what Romeo wants anymore. It hurts. All I wanted was the three of us, together. Maybe we should have never left the cabin. We weren't just happy there. We were home.

Dear Xara, if you're reading this, I'm already gone. I hid this in one place I knew you would look for it. Fitting the key to ending all this would be here… where it all started. This is the key to defeating Romeo… #POTATO451. Take this word of passage and use it at the primary terminal. You can take away his power and end this. I still have hopes for Romeo. He just wanted us to stay together… more than anything. I know that's why he's doing this. Maybe I'm being foolish, but I need to know for sure before taking the step. Though I guess if you're here, I got my answer. Maybe someday we'll be together again. Your friend, always… Fred.
~ Fred's journal talking about the Admins' past, including Romeo's.

Fred is the posthumous overarching protagonist (alongside Reuben) of the entire Minecraft: Story Mode series, being only mentioned in Season Two. He was one of the three Admins, alongside Romeo and Xara, until Romeo killed him.

He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


As an Admin, Fred wore black and bluish-green armor, with the tip of his forehead presumably being green. He also had red eyes, blue skin, and black hair.


Fred was an adventurous and exemplary individual, but he was also very wise, and cared about Xara and Romeo, showing he was kind as well. Unlike Xara, who believed Romeo was pure evil, Fred believed Romeo could be redeemed, even in his final moments. As it turns out, the latter was right about Romeo. Overall, Fred was completely incorruptible.



Long, long ago, Fred, Romeo, and Xara were close friends who lived in a cabin in their own world, and went on adventures. In one of their adventures, they got extraordinary powers. The 3 people became known as Admins. They each built a town for themselves. However, Romeo felt more and more depressed that his friends (Fred and Xara) were drifting apart, and he fought them for control of their own world. Romeo won the battle and killed Fred in front of Xara in a tower, and he died a slow and painful death. However, Romeo became remorseful for killing Fred, so he imprisoned Xara instead.

Season 2

Jailhouse Block

Xara first mentions Fred to Jesse and his/her group, telling them about what happened to Fred and how she got trapped in the Sunshine Institute. She also reveals that Fred found a way to depower Romeo.

Below the Bedrock

Fred has a much bigger influence in this episode. Xara even mourns for Fred's death and even mourns over her bed being gone. Jesse and the gang go on to Fred's Keep, which was Fred's town, and a trivia challenge ensues on how much a person knows about Fred. Eventually, they go on to Romeoburg, which was Romeo's town, and they find Romeo, Xara, and Fred's cabin. Jesse and Petra have a private talk in the cabin, with Petra feeling bad about the three Admins' relationships.

Above and Beyond

When Jesse and his/her group enter the Terminal Space, they discover a recording of Fred's hologram, which was originally meant for Xara, with the instructions being to take the Golden Gauntlet and use it to depower Romeo by punching him several times. Fred's predictions of Romeo being able to be redeemed are eventually proven correct, as the latter tries to rescue Jesse and the group from the collapsing Terminal Space despite all the horrible things he has done.


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