"I am not...I am not the damsel in distress. I am not some case. I have to work this. I've lived in a cave for 5 years in a world where they killed my kind like cattle. I am not going to be cut down by some monster flu. I am better than that ! ."
~ Winifred Burkle

Winifred "Fred" Burkle was one of the protagonists on Angel.

Born in Texas, after finishing college Fred attended graduate school in Los Angeles until her college professor banished her to a demon realm called Pylea because of her intelligence. She had been trapped as a slave until Angel and the others arrived in the realm. Fred decided to return to return to the human realm with them.

However, her experience as a slave had taken it's toll on her mental health and social skills. Fred slowly started adjusted to life again even becoming an asset to the team. Fred's parents eventually arrived seeking out their daughter. She wanted to leave with them at first but ultimately decided to stay with Angel Investigations. Fred started a relationship with Gunn and Wesley also developed feelings for her. Fred's feelings towards Wesley cooled after learning he had been seeing Lilah Morgan.

Fred then learned her professor had been responsible for sending her to Pylea and she planned on killing him. Gunn decided to do it for her causing Fred to her relationship with him. When Jasmine started brainwashing Fred broke free from the control eventually helping free the rest of Angel investigations from her control. After Jasmine was defeated, Fred was became head of the science division at Wolfram and Hart. One of her coworker named Knox developed feelings for her. He believed that she was the one worthy of acting as a vessel for his god Illyria. Because of this, Knox left a sarcophagus containing Illyria's essence in the lab which she accidentally breathed in. This led Fred to get sick with Wesley staying by her side while she was dying.

Illyria then possessed Fred's body which resulted in the complete destruction of Fred's soul. Illyria had access to Fred's memories sometimes even impersonating such as when Wesley was dying to comfort him.


  • "Handsome man saved me from the monsters."
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