Hey, it's Fred!
~ Fred

Fred Figglehorn is an annoying six-year-old (15 years old in the movie). He has a high pitch voice and acts childish and hyperactive due to his outside appearance. He lives with his mother and his dad is in prison. He has a crush on Judy and his mortal enemy is a bully named Kevin.

He initially appeared in YouTube videos, then he gained his own movie trilogy from Lionsgate and TV show on Nickleodeon. Fred also appears in the animated YouTube series It's Fred.

In a video released August 29, 2013, on Lucas, Lucas Cruikshank reprised the Fred role, while his friend Jennifer Veal played Judy, and on August 19, 2014, a video was uploaded as part of the New Fred Saga. Since then Cruikshank has reprised the role of Fred a number of times on his personal channel.

He had also appereared in Annoying Orange VS Fred Episode.

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