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Fred Fredburger is the recurring supporter in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and one of the main characters in the TV movie Billy & Mandy Underfist: Halloween Bash. He is a tubby, green, short, hyperactive, elephant-like monster with stubby horns and a green devil tail. Fred is easily impressed, and lives with his 'mama'.


Fred Fredburger is very dimwitted, a trait he shares with the Billy, and often times doesn't understand how many everyday things work. Fred also has a strong fond of nachos and frozen yogurt.


Fred is often depicted as a juror in the Monster dimension, where his stupidity often causes trouble in the court, and does not take jury duty seriously. He often times refers to the judge informally rather than "your honor", and often times interrupting hearings for very idiotic reasons (such as asking when he will get a gable, or if he can take a bathroom break in the middle of the hearing, forcing the judge to declare an unnecessary recess just so than he can go).

In Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure: The Movie, he testifies [unintentionally] for Grim after Boogey accuses him in order to remove him of his powers, delivering the verdict as finding Grim innocent (until his ghoul frienemy calls him an idiot and reveals the verdict as finding Grim guilty, removing him of his position as the Grim Reaper and transferring the powers to Kuki Sanban.