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Freddy the Flying Fish.jpg

Fred the Flying Fish is a character from the CatDog episode of the same name.


CatDog seeks for Fed the Flying Fish, and then CatDog falls down to the chasm, Fred catches to to Safety. CatDog are riding on a truck with balloons, and Fred eats one of the evergreen trees and lays on them, and CatDog chases after Fred as he hides into the trees. Cat releases Peruvian flying worms for Fred to eat and they invites Fred by their house and feed him watermelons, and Cat sells Fred out to to Museum of Oddities, which Rancid Rabbit then takes Fred and gives Cat rich money.

Later, CatDog decided to see Fred one last time in the Museum of Oddities, but chained Fred up, and CatDog decided to take Fred back and tries the give back the money to Rancid, but he refuses. CatDog are unable to free Fred because the chains are to strong, and CatDog convince Fred to free himself, which he did and flies around and swallow Rancid in whole, and he eats the money that CatDog had, and coughed out Rancid.


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