Freddy (voiced by Cam Clarke) is a very funny, but dim-witted, ferret and is best friends with Peck, a weak rooster whom he's often tempted to eat; he used to be a carnivore, but then he's become a vegetarian to assimilate to the barnyard. However, in multiple times in the series, Freddy has shown gestures of or attempted to eat Peck, but every time when he tries, his attempt is thwarted, either intentionally or unintentionally. He is illiterate, and suffers from paranoid delusions and has multiple personality disorders. It's notable how Freddy is the only character to almost be banished from the barnyard twice for crimes he never committed. Also, he's a character who's been struck by lightning multiple times throughout the series, but once and only once, he temporarily became a genius after being struck. Freddy's superhero name is Paranoid Man.


  • His real name could possibly be either Frederick or Alfred.
  • Even though ferret, he seems to be around the same size as a person.


IMG 3163

Freddy thinks that Farmer was buying it.

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