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There's a real hoot for ya, Woodsy!
~ Freddy Krueger killing Woodsy Owl and saving Stan and Mr. Mackey.

Freddy Krueger is a supporting character in South Park. Even though he is a villain in the Nightmare on Elm Street films and the Imaginationland Trilogy, he is an anti-hero in the episode "Insheepsion". He was voiced by the series' co-creator Matt Stone who also voices other characters in the series, such as Father Maxi.


In "Insheeption", he made another appearance in the real world, with a different design. Apparently having retired and living in the mountains with his family, he refuses to help the government, not wishing to kill again. After they explain that innocent lives are at stake, he agrees to help, killing Woodsy Owl and rescuing Stan Marsh and Mr. Mackey.

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