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Freddy Newendyke (better known as Mr. Orange) is one of the main characters in the 1992 film Reservoir Dogs, serving as the main protagonist of the film. He is played by Tim Roth.


Freddy Newendyke is an undercover cop for the Los Angeles Police Department. He is tasked with arresting L.A. crime boss Joe Cabot, and to do this, he has to pretend he is a criminal and be accepted into Cabot's gang. Joe Cabot gives Newendyke the code-name Mr Orange. Mr. Orange becomes friends with Mr. White. After escaping from the diamond heist, Mr. Orange is shot in the stomach, and he bleeds from this wound for most of the film. At one point, he wakes up and shoots Mr. Blonde dead. After Joe and his son Eddie were shot dead and Pink escapes with the diamonds, Orange admits to Mr. White that he is a police officer, and White shoots him in the head, killing him. White is consequently gunned down by the police who stormed the warehouse.

Other appearances

Mr. Orange appears in the 2006 video game adaption of the same name. However he only serves as a playable character in the tutorial mission which the player practices how to shoot and duck and Mr. Orange is equipped with a paint gun. He plays a role in one of the missions in which the player controls Mr. White and must get a shot Mr. Orange to the warehouse before he passes out from blood loss.

Like the rest of the cast members (except Michael Madsen who plays Mr. Blonde) Tim Roth didn't reprise his role as Mr. Orange for the game, nor does the character's appearance have any resemblance to the actor.

His role in the video game is taken by Scott Menville, who also voices Robin from Teen Titans.


  • Matthew Broderick, Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise and John Leguizamo were all considered for the role of Freddy Newendyke/Mr. Orange.
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