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Frederic-104 is a SPARTAN-II from the Halo franchise. He appears in the novel Halo: The Fall of Reach for his first appearance, as well as the animation, and makes his first game appearance as a member of Blue Team  in Halo 5: Guardians. He is a recurring character in the novels and a character in the anime Halo Legends.


Fred was very active during the Human-Covenant War. He is the leader of Blue Team, as well as a former member of Red Team, which saw active use during the Fall of Reach, the deadliest battle for Spartans in the Human-Covenant War. The Fall of Reach was a bloody defeat for the UNSC, but thanks to Noble Team, an important package was saved from falling into enemy hands. This package was Cortana, which would be assigned to John-117. Currently, Blue Team is still active. 

The members of Blue Team were John-117, Kelly-087, Linda-058, and himself (in Halo 5). There are even more former members of Blue Team. Red Team only consists of Jerome-092, Douglas-042, and Alice-130

Just like every other SPARTAN-II, Fred had to undergo intense training to adapt to his MJOLNIR armor. Unlike every other SPARTAN-II, he had been one of the 4 leading candidates of all of his fellow Spartans-in-training, alongside John, Jerome, and Kurt. During his training, he and his comrades had to witness incredibly intense and realistic war simulations, described as brutal. Since starting at age 6, he finally had to endure the augmentation process of Spartan armor and enhancements sometime around reaching adolescence. He finished his training on the planet Reach, and would then become a veteran Spartan in the UNSC. He is regarded as one of the strongest of the SPARTAN-IIs.

He has completed nearly 200 missions during his time in the UNSC. 


Fred is a brilliant leader and strategist. He is only focused on his objectives, not letting emotions or distractions get the best of him. He can be described as having a stoic demeanor. Nonetheless, he and his fellow Blue Team teammates all get along. In fact, they are close friends actually. Fred is more mentally healthy than Master Chief, with whom he is close friends with, and Fred often thinks about John and worries about his mental health. What also makes him an amazing leader is his determination, as he believes it is his duty to make use of himself and participate in battles that show the greatest threat to Earth. As a leader he is observant, and being put in a group with his comrades, he has full faith in them, and knows their capabilities and assets extremely well. His strength is to fight smart, just as much as they fight hard. 

In battle, Fred is a combat master. He is an expert at positioning himself, as well as his teammates in the perfect location, and can attack anywhere from far range to close range. To further boost his lethality, he is an expert at wielding combat knives. Being a strategist, he normally only enters in long range combat when deemed to be the best choice of action, instead favoring close range and mid range combat. He is the 2nd best sniper of the SPARTAN-IIs, with the superlative belonging to teammate Linda-058.


  • He stands at 7'2" when in his armor, which is actually shorter than Master Chief
  • There is a loadout in Halo: Reach named after him
  • Despite making his first appearance in 2001, which was the beginning of the Halo franchise, he was never introduced in a game until 2015


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