Freeze girl

Freeze Girl is a minor character from the 2005 film, Sky High. She is also the girlfriend of Warren Peace.

She is portrayed by Nicole Malgarini.

Role in Sky High

Freeze Girl makes a brief appearance throughout the movie. On the first day at Sky High, she is seen entering the school until she uses her cryokinesis powers to freeze two boys in an ice block in retaliation for one of them using his laser vision to zap her on the rear, thus, earning her the nickname (and possible future heroine name) "Freeze Girl" from spectators.

At the end of the movie, she is seen dancing and probably dating Warren Peace, who doesn't have a dance partner, at the Homecoming dance when both discover having opposite powers: Fire and Ice and after Will Stronghold, the heroes, and the sidekicks have defeated the villainous Gwen Grayson, who hosted the Homecoming dance as a trap in the first place, and her henchmen.


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Freeze girl
Freeze Girl

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