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Fria is a supporting character in the American animated webseries RWBY. She passed away due to her old age losing her power to Penny Polendina.

She was voiced by Luci Christian.


Fria is the thin elderly woman had a short, a white spiky hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a white and green hospital dress and white hospital slipper. She also wears a silver bracelet with the right side.


Fria is a friendly and politely woman conversation to Winter Schnee, appearing to be implying are the good terms. Fria loves enjoying painting and hot tea, despite the her hospital room who is part of her art. She appears some nostalgia towards to have or miss on outside world, while asked the weather looks in the Atlas.

Despite the battle against Cinder Fall due to revealed at the age of 80-90's, she was really dying, show that similar her's disease, render that her patches in the memories, to different time last things, and keeps tracking up conscious time.

Later on, Fria is fails her frequent and memories during her confusion, she is displayed with her loyalty and fierce strong since of dedication and duty came role on the Winter Maiden with fading memories and failing health. However, she knows that it will be die with her slowing fading of the sense time, Fria can held on the safeguard of the power on Winter Maiden remember it duties as no fear to prospect her world showing of dying that she can using her power as long to be inherited from the proper successor will continue duties at her.

Fria is passing away due to her kind hearted and soft spoken, at her final moments before she dies at the old age and passes on her powers, Penny is so sad.


At this time during the youth woman, she becomes as the Winter Maiden, to the chance either by being the final woman of the former Maiden's last moments. She has held by the Maidenhood, it's was a long time living with her last few days at the high score Atlas facility at order to use her power didn't not fails at Salem's hands, despite her facility Amber is can be was at critical condition. James Ironwood was restricted visit to Winter, which means at the Atlesian Military's Special Operatives, that point when she dies, Winter became her successors would being on her final moments.



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