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~ Frida Suarez

Frida Suarez is the deuteragonist and best friend to Manny from the Nickelodeon TV show, El Tigre. She and Manny hang out all the time. She is very loud and is part of a band group called the Atomic Sombros. She is very tomboyish.

She was voiced by Grey Delisle who also voices Tootie, Daphne Blake, Sam Manson, Lola Loud, Lily Loud, & Lana Loud.


Frida has light blue hair with red goggles on top of it, tawny skin color (yellowish brown), blue eyes, and she dresses in a punk goth style.


Frida shows up as a wild child; bordering the stereotype of an aspiring rock girl. She is also a tomboy, given the acts that she and Manny are prone to commit. However, Frida can also show different sides of her personality at times: She has the lack of thinking ideas or improvising in a flash (such as her Sartana Ballad in "Ballad of Frida Suarez"). Her most caring side of her personality is saved for Manny, puppies, small animals or Chui (in "Chupacabros!"). She is also capable of expressing great anger in many situations, usually driving her to revenge. Her anger usually gets her to want revenge; nevertheless, most of her anger and vengeful intentions target Zoe Aves for past reasons. Lastly, Frida also has a kind of romantic side, such as the very end of "Oso Sole Mio", where she exclaims sighing: "Isn't love lovely?" in a girly manner reminiscing to a girl with a crush.




  • Frida is surely compared to both Yumi Yoshimura from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and Maggie Pesky from The Buzz on Maggie.
  • Frida has a slight resemblance ro Ramona Flowers, a character in Scott Pilgrim graphic novels.
  • Frida was in every episode except for "Animales"
  • Frida is similiar to Mary Jane Watson, both are free - spirited preteens with dreams of performing (Frida singing, Mary Jane acting), both serve as best friends later love interests for a superhero (Frida and Manny/El Tigre, Mary Jane and Peter Parker/Spider Man) and both tend to be damsels in distress from time to time.
  • Frida made a small cameo in "The Book of Life" by Jorge R. Gutierrez, creator of El Tigre.
  • Frida was hinted to have feelings for Manny which has been seen in a few episodes
    • At the end of "Oso Solo Mio", Frida is shown sliding close to Manny after commenting on love
    • She appeared jealous when he was driving with other girls in"The Mustache Kid".
    • She kissed him in "No Boots, No Belt, No Brero", seemingly confirming her feelings to him.