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Frieda is a supportive character in the Peanuts comics, making her debut in 1961. Her name comes from Frieda Rich, one of Charles Schulz's longtime friends.

Personality and Bio

Frieda is a good kid, and is friendlier in her strips and The Peanuts Movie appearances than in her animated form.  She is vain, as she speaks often of her naturally curly red hair.


As she always says, Frieda has "naturally curly hair", of which she is extremely proud. In the animated cartoons, her hair is red. She also wears a dress which is colored violet in her animated appearances. In hair design, Frieda resembles Deema from Bubble Guppies.


Frieda first appeared in 1961, where she is introduced by Linus Van Pelt.  However, Linus feels telling his sister Lucy Van Pelt not to slug Frieda when she speaks of her nautrally curly hair imperative.  However, the girls quickly become friends.

Frieda then tries to get Snoopy (Charlie Brown's pet beagle) to chase rabbits.  Snoopy does not follow her instructions so she decides to boost his motivation with Faron, though Faron turns out to be even lazier on his part.

In the Peanuts Movie, Frieda is given a slight redesign and a minor role. Her hair is now chestnut in colour, and she has a hot pink dress. The movie also reveals that her naturally curly hair can actually be straightened out (which freaks her out). At the end, she and the other kids are awestruck when they learn that Charlie Brown is kind, compassionate, honest, brave, and funny.


  • Frieda swings her arms from side to side when she dances. This dance move is called the "Thriller."


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