Fritz Smith is the tritagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 2, as the main protagonist of the Custom Night mode.

He can change the A.I. of the animatronics. His name is taken from Fitzgerald & Schmidt. He has the same breathing sounds as Jeremy.


He has (possibly) the same personality as Jeremy, he is also only protagonist in the franchise to not be informed by Phone Guy or get help from his messages.


  • There is a theory that Fritz Smith is Phone Guy, due to the fact the latter says on Night 6 that he will take the night shift himself.
  • He, along with Jeremy, appears to be dead as their graves appear at the very end of the completion round of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. However, it's mostly likely that Fritz and Jeremy just share names with two of William Afton's victims.
  • It is possible for Fritz to be the same person as William Afton since they both have knowledge of tampering with the animatronics.
    • Fritz might also be Michael Afton, as he might have been tampering with the animatronics to free the souls of the Missing Children. The 'Odor' reason could be because Michael's skin might have been rotting as a result of being scooped, leaving him with a foul odor.


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