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Frost is a student and heroine at Super Hero High.

She is voiced by Danica McKellar (famously known as Winnie Cooper) who also plays Miss Martian in Young Justice.


Frost has slate blue skin, with long icy blue hair that's tied back in a pony tail, as well as blue eyes and icicle earrings. She wears a dark blue coat with a snowy neck collar and has a blue lightning design in the middle, she also wears an ice belt and ice tiara.

DC Super Hero Girls

In the series, Frost is shown to be a superhero, instead of a supervillain. She has her own separate bio with her powers and personality listed. She is shown to be very smart too. There she lives with Lady Shiva, Miss Martian and Star Sapphire. She has her own bedroom with: a nightstand, a king sized bed, a desk and other decorations. Her appearance is also different: she has long hair made into a ponytail. She has blue eyes, white skin and all of her outfits have something to do with ice and snow.


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