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Frostbite's real name is Farley S. Seward, and his rank is that of corporal E-4. Frostbite was born in Galena, Alaska. All file cards as of 2005 list Frostbites rank as Sergeant E-5 except for his Rise of Cobra figure that lists his rank as Classified.

Frostbite's primary military specialty is motor vehicle driver, and his secondary military specialty is armor. He worked briefly as a lineman on the Alaska pipeline, but considered the job unchallenging, despite the 40 below zero temperatures and hazardous conditions. He joined the Army, when they promised to give him a challenge whenever he wanted one. Frostbite graduated from transportation school at Fort Eustis and armored school at Fort Knox. He is a qualified expert in the M-16, M-1911A1, M-2 50 cal Machine Gun, and M-60 7.62mm Machine Gun His real name is an in-joke to "Seward's Folly", a reference to Alaska.

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