I love frozen yogurt...
Froze is the main character of The Gray Garden. She's a stubborn, reticent angel and Yosafire's best friend.


Froze wears a gray dress with a shawl on top. Bits of her outfit resemble a domino or dice. She also wears a hat, some earings and carries around a staff with a dice/domino ornament on the top of it. Her hair is pulled back into two long ponytails, while the rest of her hair covers her face. She appears to be more innocent looking than her personality.


She's more innocent looking than her personality. She's also know as stubborn and rarely admits any true feelings. Near the middle of the game she states that she is unable to smile. She later laughs with Yosafire and smiles. Though Yosafire is her best friend, she seems annoyed with her because she is always making her do things. At the end of the game, she thanks Yosafire for everthing. Not much is known about Froze's past, but she must have gained some recognition to be sent to find any clues about Ivlis and his world. She enjoys reading and despises otherworldly visitors. That's probably why she couldn't trust Reficul when she tried to help the gang. During the confrontation with Emalf, she tries to stand up for the group, but her wing gets injured. She then was pushed off a cliff, Yosafire finally gains the power to fly and saves Froze from any further injuries. They end up at the bottom of the cliff and that leads to when her and Yosafire laugh together. She is known to like ice cream/frozen yogurt.


  • Froze is the reincarnation of her ancestor, Sherbet.
  • Froze appears on a TV on the waiting room of the hospital in Mogeko's first game, Mogeko Castle.
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