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I'm actually a professor, not a doctor, thank you. Greetings earthlings! This is professor Zayton Honeycutt, you may also know me as the Fugitoid. Beep! I'm currently on my spaceship, the Ulixes, flying towards your charming little muddy planet as we speak. I hope you don't mind I borrow your 'Ninja Turtles' for a spell, but we must stop an incredible cosmic threat of vast magnitude. No I'm not talking about 'My Little Pony'. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to change my oil. Bloop. I see you all very soon.
~ Fugitoid introducing himself

Professor Zayton Honeycutt, also known as the Fugitoid, is the major supporting character of the 2012 incarnation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series. He is an alien "fugitive" android who aids and travels with the Ninja Turtles in their journey through time and space to stop the Triceratons from destroying Earth.

He is voiced by David Tennant.



Professor Honeycutt is an alien from the planet D'Hoonib, a planet of humanoid scientists (himself included) obsessed with penetrating the highest truths of the universe. Prior to meeting the Turtles, he was working on an energy generator when he was offered a huge sum of money by Kraang Subprime to buy it from him. Honeycutt gave in and the Kraang took the Heart of Darkness, converting it into the doomsday weapon it now was. In the same time the Kraang departed with the generator, Honeycutt began to regret his decision and vowed not to make any weapons to dangerous criminals like the Kraang. While working on a new form of psionic technology, the Triceratons came looking for him and tried to force Honeycutt to build them weapons. When Honeycutt refused, due to his previous guilt for making the weapons for Kraang, the Triceratons attacked him, destroying everything in sight, including his body. To save his life, Honeycutt's robot assistant placed Zayton's brain in its own robot body. A man merged with machine, he was reborn as a cyborg. When the Triceratons found out he was still alive, they deemed him a criminal; A Fugitive Android, thus he was called the Fugitoid. In spite of his hardships, Professor Honeycutt eventually found friendly allies in the Utroms, Bishop in particular, who aid him in his efforts against the Triceratons.

Season 3

The Fugitoid first appears at the conclusion of season 3 aboard his vessel, the Ulixes, just in time to save the Turtles, April O'Neil, and Casey Jones from a black hole created by the Triceratons. After they escape, he introduces himself and promises them that they are about to embark upon a great adventure.

Season 4

Fugitoid used the Ulixes as a time machine to travel six months into the past, long before the recent disaster happened. He explained to the Turtles that the Triceratons are spending that time searching the universe for the three fragments of Heart of Darkness after the Utroms broke the machine into three pieces and hid each fragment in the safest parts of the galaxy they could find. Fugitoid tells the Turtles, April, and Casey that they only have one shot to find those fragments before the Triceratons do and save Earth before it is destroyed again, this time forever, as black holes prevent repeated time travel. After the heroes understand what they have to do, Honeycutt gives them a friendly tour of the universe, acting as a tour guide. It ends when the ship is hit hard by something. Fugitoid offers the Turtles, April and Casey to come with him to assess the damage and takes them to a room filled with Astro Suits, alien language translators, and an arsenal of new weapons, allowing them to freely take whatever they want. Once outside, Fugitoid discovers an asteroid field is very close and immediately gathers everyone and hyperspeeds away from the location. Honeycutt lands on the planet Varanon to refuel and allows the teens to tour the planet in the meantime. 20 minutes later, he is shocked to see the them being chased down by Lord Vringath Dregg and retreats into space with the newly refueled Ulixes. However, he needed time before the Ulixes made the Tachyonic Jump, and Dregg follows them in his Hornitron, sending several Vreen drones to attack them. Despite Honeycutt's "minor defenses", one of the drones managed to get inside but is destroyed by the teen heroes. Afterward, Fugitoid uses the ship's tachyon warp function to escape before Lord Dregg could catch up to them. Unfortunately, however, they end up right in front of the entire Triceraton Armada.

After the Ulixes was sent straight to the Triceraton Armada, Captain Mozar recognized Fugitoid's ship and orders the fleet to blast him out of the sky. Despite Fugitoid's attempt at evasive action, the ship was hit, causing it to crash into a Salamandrian warship containing Commander G'throkka and Lieutenant Y'Gythgba. This subsequently causes both ships to crash land on an ice planet. Both groups simultaneously learn that irrilium, a metal that can be used to repair their ships, is nearby and realize that they must go after it before their Astro Suits run out of heat and oxygen. This leads to a confrontation between them when Y'Gythgba threatens to attack them, believing the outworlders purposely rammed their ship. Fugitoid tells them that they all are honorable beings assures them that what happened was an accident. He then tries to convince them to cooperate so them can help each other in their desperate plight. His attempt at diplomacy seemed to be working until Leonardo offered his hand for a handshake, which is the Salamandrian gesture for combat. This prompts the Salamandrians to attack them, forcing the Turtles to rebel. Despite being attacked as well, Fugitoid still tried to reason with them and only attacked to prevent further harm once the teen heroes were defeated. Y'Gythgba responds by throwing an explosive disc into a glacier, causing an avalanche to fall over the heroes. Once the Salamandrians left, Fugitoid escaped, dug the others out and they continued looking for the irillium, with Fugitoid hoping to avoid confronting them again. After Raphael leaves to try reasoning with them again, the others are unfortunately ambushed by a horde of ice dragons and they freeze Donatello. Fugitoid manages to nearly thaw him out but they all become cornered by the ice dragons. They are all nearly frozen by them before they are saved by Raphael and his new allies, Mona Lisa and G'Throkka, who assist them in fighting the dragons. Once the dragons are destroyed, the two groups become good friends and travel together as one to find the irillium. Donatello found the source of the metal, believing it to be a satellite, but Fugitoid confirms that it is actually a Triceraton space mine. Despite this, Fugitoid said the irillium is perfect if they can deactivate it and even comes with a dark matter regulator. However, they are once again found by more ice dragons. As suggested by Raphael, all of them run away from the creatures toward the Ulixes. Once Donatello and Casey manage to cause an avalanche that loses the creatures, everyone's heat and oxygen finally starts to run out. As he sees the humans, Turtles, and Salamandrians faint one by one, Fugitoid tries hard not to panic and focuses on repairing the ship. He manages to repair both ships just in time and get them inside, saving all of their lives. Sal Commander and Mona Lisa thank all of them, and hoped to one day return their kindness. After Fugitoid tells the Salamandrians that he has repaired their craft as well, they go their separate ways an Fugitoid sets course for the Triceratons.


In spite of his hardships, Fugitoid has a very optimistic outlook on life and appreciates what he has. Professor Honeycutt is an intelligent, charming, helpful, and friendly being who rarely gets angry about anything. He enjoys making new friends and is very protective of them, giving them thoughtful and helpful advice on their missions. He is also very lenient and generous to those who he considers his friends, as he allowed the Turtles, April, and Casey to freely take whatever they please from his storage room. Though he has android body, Honeycutt cherishes his humanity and does not want to be thought of as just a machine.

A self-proclaimed pacifist, he always seeks to achieve peace and diplomacy with whatever creature that crosses his path, and will only attack when he is left with no other option. His intellect is unmatched, even by Donatello, and he enjoys sharing his vast knowledge of the universe with his friends. His greatest fear is losing his humanity and control of his android body; truly becoming a machine, mentally and physically.


Professor Honeycutt has a superhuman level intellect and often uses it to his advantage. As a super genius inventor, he has created impressive technology such as alien language translators, his own robot body, and his space ship, the Ulixes, which is capable of time travel and tachyonic warping. He also has developed psychic powers through his isolated humanoid brain.

Despite Fugitoid's body not intended for violence (or being intended as his own body), it carries incredibly destructive power that makes him very useful in a fight. His robot body is powered by a fusion core, meaning that he can cause a massive explosion if the core becomes unstable. Honeycutt is capable of using the core to create a nuclear blast strong enough to vaporize creatures even as dense and seemingly indestructible as the Triceratons. Another use for the fusion core is to overload corrupted computer systems and AI such as Overmind. His body can plug into other devices allowing his mind to digitally transfer information and even allows him to hack into things such as massive space stations. Fugitoid's hands are capable of telekinesis, and also have moderate blasters installed to defend himself when needed.



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