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Fukami is a ally in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is one of Wadanohara's familiars and cares greatly for her.


Fukami is shown to have short light blue hair, styled similarly to a bowlcut. He has dark blue, almost grayish eyes. He commonly lacks emotions and rarely changes his facial expression. He also is shown to have pink-ish tentacles under his long cloak, showing that he's an octopus. He wears a cloak with a navy blue tie-like cloth that has an anchor and the sleeves cover his arms and he has long black boots.


Fukami is seen to be very calm and reserved and also can be seen as an aloof. Aside from his calm and aloof personality, he is very caring towards Wadanohara and is always willing to protect her, this is commonly shown by his constant suggesting for her to rest, and also he's very protective over her, even saying "dont hurt my master". Aside from all of this in general, Fukami is also a tad cold-hearted, for in the second bad ending, he betrays Wadanohara by killing Dolphi and Memoca, than Wadanohara herself, because of this, he can also be seen as "evil" but it's not very known if he really is evil. Also he is jealous of Samekichi for constantly stealing Wadanohara's attention.

Fukami is often in the role of "ring leader" among Wadanohara's familiars. He is often one of the first ones to throw insults towards Samekichi and the others very quickly follow suit. Although it's not said, the others seem to give Fukami more respect and seem to listen to his suggestions. This only further suggests that the other members count on his wisdom and rely on him as a strategical leader.



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