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Fuuma Kotaro is one of the main protagonists in the World Heroes series.


Kotaro Fuuma is the young head of the Devil Ninja clan and an rival of the Iga Ninja clan. Fuuma was born with great talent, but not enough to stop him from failing for the first time against Iga Ninja Hanzo Hattori at the age of 19. He is an easygoing womanizer, he does not like to work harder than him, but in order to restore his pride, Fuuma decided to practice hard, in order to defeat Hanzou from then on, claiming to be Hanzou's lifelong opponent. Dr. Sugar Brown invited Fuuma to participate in the World Hero tournament, where he realized that he was equal to Hanzou's power. In the following year, Fuuma decided to participate in the tournament again to determine the score and decided that he should be the only one to defeat Hanzo.

Unlike his rival, Fumma uses his new culture and is excited about change. He used Dr. Brown's time machine to go to Hyundai and live there because there are many girls in a nearby area. He even eventually worked for a US integrated trading company, pretending to be a blonde businessman. Due to his double life, he seems unable to get a very good career because he tends to miss this job to participate in the World Hero Championship.

In one of his trips, the time machine broke and sent him to 1994. Lost at different times, he looked around for a young Dr. Brown and thanked a friend of a doctor named Kisarah Westfield. The time machine caused Fuuma's own glitch, which led him to adopt the same language habits as Hanzo.


  • He is based on the historical moniker of the same name, which was given to the head of the much debated Fuuma clan. His weapon, Murasame, is also named after the legendary sword of the same name.
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