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Fuwa, born Spegasus Pulalan Mofpit Prinsewink is the main mascot for the Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure series. She is a fluffy universe fairy created by the Star Princesses as the last hope. She likes concluding her sentences with "~fuwa".

She is voiced by Hina Kino.



Her body and face are mainly white, with deep blue eyes with light blue accents and gold stars. Her eyebrows are pink and her rosy cheeks have a tint of yellow. On her tail is a big yellow star. Her ears are round and pink with some blue and surrounding her ears are gold rings.


Young and innocent like a baby despite holding a mysterious power, Fuwa is highly curious, amiable and cheery. She is elated to befriend strangers, but this can lead the Cures and herself into trouble, such as in episode 5 when she joyfully said goodbye to Madoka which inadvertently and unawarely spoilt her own identity as an alien fairy. Her ignorance can be a weakness for her, as the Notraiders takes advantage of this trait to kidnap her.

In spite of her cheeriness, she will still wail if she’s startled or frightened due to her young age.

In episode 23, she exhibits herself as a glutton, evidenced by how she ate the Silverline catnip cookie from Yuni without thinking about the consequences and how her replicas kept demanding more treats to satisfy their hunger. Nevertheless, she willingly apologised after realising the chaos she created for Prunce and the Cures.



Her name comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia Fuwafuwa (フワフワ), which means "soft, fluffy".



She has a mysterious power to release the one of the sealed Star Princesses and open a warp hole. Although still enigmatic, it is an important her existence plays an importance in which she holds the key to the princesses' resurrection. She also grants the Cures their powers when they strongly vow to protect her, or in Yuni's case, the first four Cures as well as her planet.

She has an accurate olfactory sense, being able to recognise Yuni who disguised as Bakenyan in episode 19.


  • It is revealed in episode 23 that she cannot eat anything containing silverline catnip because it causes her to hiccup, which in turn allows her to multiply copies of herself that vanish after they eat.
  • Her favourite food is the star-shaped donuts.
  • She is likely a tribute to another baby mascot fairy Chiffon, who debuted in Fresh Pretty Cure!, which was released 10 years prior to Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure.
  • She prefers her current name than her birth name, as explained in episode 2.


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