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Fuyuzora Kogarashi is the main character in the series, Yuragi-Sou No Yuuna San.


Ever since he was a bit younger, he had the disposition to attract ghosts and got often controlled by them. They often got him and people around him into trouble so he was shuffled around various facilities and soon hellish debt as the ghost that was addicted to stock gambling possessed him and invested in the wrong stocks. One ghost that possessed him was a powerful exorcist. The ghost took Kogarashi as his apprentice and after much training, Kogarashi became strong enough to exorcise his master. He claims that his life was destroyed by evil spirits.

Around the time he arrived in Yukemori city, he helped an old couple who were startled by a mujina (raccoon dog) youkai. The wanted to do something to repay him, he initially declined but they insisted anyway. He then asked them if they know a super cheap place to stay. The old man then shows him the and explains how cheap it is and it is because it is haunted by a ghost. The old man promises that if he could exorcise the ghost, Kogarashi can stay rent free for as long as he liked. Upon hearing this, Kogarashi grasps the old man's hands and asked him if he was serious which he affirmed. Kogarashi then shakes the old man's hand and thanks him since he had been camping outdoors and compares tho old man to Buddha.

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