GROUP (グループ Gurūpu) is an extrajudicial organization based in Academy City and is an anti-heroic faction in the A Certain Magical Index series. It is an underground organization made up of mysterious people with only four field operatives to do their work; Motoharu TsuchimikadoAccelerator, Awaki Musujime, and Etzali. They often perform tasks which are crucial for Academy City but too dirty for Anti-Skill to handle. GROUP was active for over a month from September 30-October 30 where the four operatives fought against their superiors to free themselves from the Academy City Board of Directors. At the end of World War III, they all got their wish of free will and the organization dissolved.


GROUP was formed sometime after the Invasion of Academy City where Accelerator was approached by a mysterious man surrounded by guards in HsPS-15 Powered Suits armed with heavy weapons after he had saved Last Order and killed Amata Kihara. There, the mysterious man gave Accelerator a choice which he could not refuse and so, He became the newest member of GROUP. Following the invasion, a weakened Academy City was soon being attacked by an organization known as Skill-Out, and so GROUP was deployed to deal with the terrorists who were interfering with their work. Afterwards, the Board of Directors got involved and GROUP began working for them.



GROUP is like many organizations in the Dark Side of Academy City, a secret and illusive unit made up of mysterious individuals who are hidden from the general public. GROUP often deals with the Dark Side by interfering with its internal affairs with the intent of keeping Academy City safe and stable especially since it was left severly weakened from the invasion. GROUP became one of the more successful organizations in the dark side and during the October 9th Faction War, GROUP became the only known organization to survive and have all of their operatives live.


Members of GROUP are made up of powerful espers and magicians from within their ranks. The four core members are all blackmailed into GROUP and are forced to do their dirty work. New members are forced in and once they join, they are to follow the liaison's orders without question and all memebrs must deal with their problems on their own. 

True Intentions

The true intentions of the four main members are different. All four have been working behind the backs of their superiors and their true goal is to rebel and acquire free will from the corrupt Academy City Board of Directors.

Notable Members

Name Type Rank Status
GROUP LiaisonEsperLeaderAlive
Motoharu TsuchimikadoHybridField CommanderDefected
AcceleratorLevel 5 EsperOperativeDefected
Awaki MusujimeLevel 4 EsperOperativeDefected
Support StaffUnknownSubordinatesAlive


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