G Organization, aka G, is the Interdimensional Organization introduced first in Otomedius.

What are They?

Thousands of years have passed since the war of Planet Gradius and Bacterians, with Gradius Empire thwarting Bacterians time and again. However, in 21st century Earth, the Bacterian remnants traveled across the time to come to Earth and reignites the war on a different planet and timeline.

G Organization is created by humans (supported by Gradians who shared their technologies) from the future who managed to discover the multiverse's existence. Ever since its forging, G Organization has dedicated itself to rid Bacterians from multiverse and has been fighting the deadly alien force for years; recruiting any specially gifted youths into their ranks, arming, training and equipping them for the preparation for the ongoing war against Bacterians. It's main defensive force are the Angel Squadron.

Millennia from the planet Gradius where the war of Gradius-Bacterian took place, new generation of fighters are about to mark the new myth.

Angel Squadron

The Angel Squadron is G Organization's aerial task force with the mission of defending the Solar System against the Bacterians. This squadron began with only four members, but it increased to eleven with the growing Bacterian forces.




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