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Hero Overview

I wanted to prove to the world... that Eldians were good. I was able to make it this far because I believed that eventually the day would come... when I wouldn't need this armband. But now... it's all been wiped out. This internment zone, whatever you want to say about it, it's still my home. The people I love live here. If someone tramples over it, I'm not forgiving them. So... how dare you tell me not to run?
~ Gabi's outrage for the Raid on Liberio

Gabi Braun is an anti-heroine and a major supporting character in the Japanese dark fantasy manga series Attack on Titan, and its anime television series adaptation of the same name.

She is an Eldian girl born and raised in Marley as a soldier devoted to her nation, who also bore nothing but disgust towards the "devils" of Paradis Island. Despite her young age Gabi distinguished herself in the Marleyan army and eventually became one of the few Warrior candidates to inherit her older cousin Reiner's Armored Titan power.

She is voiced by Ayane Sakura in Japanese and by Lindsay Seidel in English, who also voiced Nejire Hado in My Hero Academia.


Gabi is a small young girl of twelve, with a petite yet athletic build. She has a small face with wide brown eyes and defined eyebrows, a small upturned nose and a notably radiant smile. She has medium length dark hair which she keeps half tied above her head with large strands on each side of her face. Like her fellow Warrior candidates, she wears the standard Marleyan soldier uniform consisting of a white jacket and pants, supply packs on the hip, suspender straps, a hard hat with a stripe around it, and knee-high black combat boots. She considers herself cute and gorgeous and is not shy to brag about it.

Personality and Skills

Gabi is brave, brash, hot-headed, loud, impulsive, and prideful. She can be very boastful and chatty, and enjoys talking about herself and her deeds. She is also very boisterous and passionate about her goals as well as head-strong, expressing her emotions and opinions without inhibition. Gabi's short temper and rebellious attitude can cause her to get into trouble and not listen to what others say, resulting with her ranting and taking the initiative in reckless ideas. Not even under violence and submission she holds back, and keeps cursing and struggling when restrained. She possess boundless determination, and is willing to put her life on the line to complete a goal for a perceived greater good. She also cares deeply for her fellow Eldians living in the internment zones, while holding and intense hatred for the Eldians living in Paradis Island, whom she sees as "devils" and different from the rest of the Eldians in the world. Gabi sees herself as the savior of Eldia, being praised by her parents as such as well as being named by Colt Grice and her fellow comrades of the military as their Goddess. This made Gabi even more overconfident in her skills and charisma, and she believes she can easily earn everyone's love. She thinks herself as amazing, beautiful, a gifted talent, and the smartest child. She is not afraid to express her superiority as a "true Eldian" to the people of Paradis, promising them she will wipe them all out from the world and curse them after their demise. At one point she goes to refer herself as a Marleyan instead of an Eldian. She hates Eren Yeager with a passion and has shown a strong desire to kill him multiple times.

Gabi can also be very cocky and stubborn, as well as overbearing and domineering. This causes her to be rude and tactless at times, forcing her opinions on others and taking charge regardless of whether it was asked for or not. Sometimes she may even get violent, if another person is proving her wrong. She also considers herself the de facto leader of the Warrior candidates to an extent, and even threatening to 'punish' them when they disagree with her. Nonetheless, she is friendly enough that they have no issue with spending their leisure time with her. Gabi adores her cousin Reiner and looks up to him, which is the reason why she desires to inherit the Armored Titan specifically. As Reiner is bound to die due to the Curse of Ymir, Gabi wishes for Reiner's consciousness and will to "keep living inside her" and give her strength, as family members are more connected by the memories of their inherited Titan powers. Instead of losing Reiner forever, Gabi wants to keep seeing him in the memories and dreams sent by the Paths of the Coordinate. She sees that Reiner is suffering from trauma and wishes to inherit his memories so she can understand everything about him and share his pain and experiences to have a deeper connection with him. Because of this and her own pride, Gabi views the Armored Titan as her right and she always intimidates her classmates when they try to compete with her. She hates losing any kind of competition.

Gabi's passion is one of her greatest strengths, having allowed her to become the skilled soldier she is. However, it is also her greatest flaw. It gave her anger issues and made her prone to violence, as she is not used to other people expressing disagreement with her, and drives out her vengeful and hateful side and impulsive behavior. Gabi's wrath can drive her to the point of extreme rashness and even disregard for her own life and orders from her superiors. This can make her lose common sense and lead her to believe she can kill all her enemies single-handedly, even if they are Intelligent Titans. Gabi's passion also cause her to be bossy, rigid and self-righteous in her beliefs, which she views as objectively true and not to be questioned. She also disregards rules and has no problem playing dirty to get what she wants and loves receiving attention, even if sometimes can be embarassed by the way some people praise her. In order to achieve victory, Gabi has no qualms about committing war crimes or deceive her enemies by using their sympathy with simulating her surrender or pretending to be an innocent or sick and weak little girl to make them lower their guard down and kill them by surprise. Gabi can also have trust issues and assume the worst in other people, especially following Zeke Yeager's betrayal.

Gabi is care-free even on the battlefield, making remarks about her cuteness and claiming her commander loves her too much to sacrifice her. She thinks herself more worthy than 800 soldiers put together, and even believes she might become the best Marleyan Warrior who ever lived. She holds a strong sense of pride in being a 'true' Eldian and while in Paradis she does not remove her armband under any circumstances; if forcibly removed, she will do anything to get it back and fears that without it while on the island, she will become just like the evil Eldians on Paradis. Gabi is used to see war, death, violence and hatred since her early childhood, and because of this she gets over traumatic events quickly and is used to kill people, having killed many enemies just to earn more praise and fame. In war, Gabi prefers to not let her opponents live, no matter the circumstances. She has been taught that killing people is fine, so long as they are not Marleyans, and she is used to brag about her kills and war accomplishments. Armin Arlert took notice of Gabi's constant obsession with killing.

As a member of the Marleyan army and a Warrior candidate, Gabi has gone through a harsh military training and she is a very resourceful individual. Gabi is considered a child prodigy by her people in Marley and is famous in Liberio for being the top of her class of child soldiers in the Eldian Unit. The adults always cheer on her and she is praised as a war hero of Marley, and most people view her as the most favorable choice for the next Armored Titan. According to Falco Grice, Gabi is good at everything she is taught and she is also a hard worker and a fast learner, like being able to learn horse riding in a short amount of time. When it comes to warfare and fighting, Gabi is quite smart, having the intelligence to craft a bomb capable of derailing an armored train meant for taking out the strongest Titans while huddling in a ditch with limited supplies, and forming a plan to get close enough to perform said action. She has good battle instincts and can manipulate her enemies by faking her emotions and feigning innocence. She is an expert in holding and using guns and rifles and has an outstanding marksmanship, being able to take down her opponent even in a slideshot. Despite her small size, Gabi is shown to be strong enough to carry an anti-Titan rifle heavier than herself while running and jump with it, repeatedly lift a large brick to kill a prison guard with it, and lift Falco with her arms to suplex him. She is able to successfully fire a large-caliber rifle for Titans multiple times, without missing her shots, despite the model being new in Marley and its utility being questionable even to adult soldiers, due to its weight and recoil. She is also shown to be resistant to pain and quick to recover. Her hand to hand combat prowess is also better than her classmates and considerably superior to Falco's, since he lamented his poor performance as a candidate while having several bruises on his face after one of their sparring sessions. Gabi deems Falco useless for battle and she has a habit of teasing him.

Gabi's talents earned her a lot of praise and popularity, which are the reasons of her inflated ego and confidence. However, she is entirely oblivious and obtuse regarding matters requiring patience and understanding others, especially when reading other people's feelings. While being intelligent and the most capable child soldier, she lacks emotional intelligence. Unlike Falco, she is unable to tell that Niccolo is visibly upset when he asks her if she killed Sasha Braus, and instead brags with excitement that she personally put her down. When Kaya tells her that she believes Niccolo and Sasha might have been in love, Gabi is in disbelief and tells her that it is impossible and wrong for Marleyans and Eldians to be together, and that it should never happen. She refuses to believe that Zofia's quiet and rather emotionless behavior was her true personality and insinuates it is all an act to pretend she is a weirdo. When she sees Falco dragging a wounded enemy soldier to be taken care of as a captive, Gabi fails to understand why he did not just leave the soldier to die, and insinuates that the only reason Falco is doing it is to outshine her in war by obeying international law unlike her to earn the military's favor. When Falco tells her he does not care and makes it clear he is only showing mercy and sympathy to the enemy, Gabi calls him a weirdo for such behavior. When she notices Falco continuously staring at her, she accuses him of plotting something bad against her and threatens to report his behavior. When she gets her face too close to Falco's, the latter becomes uneasy and reddens, but Gabi is confused by his shy mood, despite all the soldiers teasing her that she is the reason why he is behaving like that. While telling one of her war stories, Gabi recalls a time when Falco protected her, which makes her stop for a moment before continuing her narration and not telling her parents about Falco's involvement. Even though the other candidates and even all the adult Eldian and Marleyan soldiers are aware of Falco's obvious crush on her, Gabi remains unaware despite several people commenting on it while in her presence; even when Falco practically yelled it to her, she failed to figure it out. However, when Falco properly explains it to her later, she is taken aback by it and can only blush at the news.

Ever since Falco's confession, Gabi develops a greater attachment and care for him. Even before his confession, she shows care for her, being upset at him for risking his life along with her, and she panics in despair when Niccolo threatens to slit his throat and begs the Survey Corps to spare him and only kill her. She has no trouble sharing the same bed with Falco, although she is embarassed with him hugging her in front of others. She is confused by the Scouts and Artur Braus' refusal to kill her, as she finds it unnatural to show mercy for enemies and not take any form of revenge. She is visibly weirded out by Mr. Braus' speech to keep children out of hatred and conflicts. The tragedies caused by war eventually make her tired of violence and hate, and the kindness of the Braus family makes Gabi acknowledge that devil humans simply do not exist, and that the people of Paradis Island can be of all sorts just like in Marley and everywhere else.

Gabi is not easily intimidated and has a tendence to value heroic acts, being inspired by her General Theo Magath's sacrifice to save humanity. Even after witnessing the Rumbling and Eren's transformation into the Founding Titan she does not give up and wants to fight. Even after learning that her loved ones from Liberio might be already dead, she still wants to take part in the battle against Eren, and is upset when Pieck and Reiner lock her in a ship's cabin to prevent her from sneaking into the Azumabito's flying boat with the rest of their group. Despite this Gabi remains stubborn and uses Falco's alternate winged Jaw Titan's form to follow her comrades to join the battle, sinking the Azumabito ship carrying them in the process. She briefly argues with Reiner, when the latter is angry at Annie for not stopping her from doing as she pleases as always. By the end of the story, Gabi becomes close friends with Levi Ackerman, at that point retired from military life and living in Marley as a civilian with her and Onyankopon.


  • Gabi's design and name were revealed by Hajime Isayama a few days before the release of her debut manga chapter in 2017, when he posted a sketch he drew while watching UFC to his blog.
  • Isayama has revealed that Gabi's design was partially based on a sketch he made of a female version of Eren Yeager.
  • Gabi Braun also resembles Tsubaki from the prototype Attack on Titan Volume 0.
  • Sketches of Gabi included in the Attack on Titan: Final Manga Exhibition revealed that a working name for her was Gabi Lübke (ガビ・リュプケ Gabi Ryupuke?).

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