This dour Whaler-bot lost everything he held dear when the Roylalists monopolized the whale oil industry. He's good at heading up the vanguard.
~ Gabreil's Heist briography.

Gabriel "Seabrass" Stubb is one of the protagonists in the SteamWorld series, as the first mate of Captain Piper's crew.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gelgamech

Gabriel was telling his sun stories, however since he grew fed up with old pirate stories, Gabriel decided to reed him one about knight, alchemists, dragons and other forms fo monsters.

SteamWorld Heist

Gabriel was first seen fighting some Scrappers when Captain Piper Faraday was going through a ship and claimed that the rest of the crew was destroyed and the two fought the Scrappers and gathered what they could then went back to the ship piloted by Wonky.

Gabriel would often aid Piper and the rest of the crew on their missions while also comment on their current situation, often talking about his hatred of whales, what he thinks about the new crewmembers or about the foes that they would be facing.

During the end of the game, he would talk about going back to the sea with the help of Billy Gill and be seen in the radio drama explaining what the crew might to next.

Skills and Abilities

Combat: Gabriel knows how to use any gun he could hold, he could be leveled up to use his gun for a multi-shot and would heal after being hit.


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