President Gabriel is a hero from Guilty Gear who is an important political figure and the current leader of the Nation of Zepp. He is loyally served by his student Potemkin, a Zeppian soldier.

In 2180, Gabriel led a successful revolution against the state of Zepp where he freed all the slaves. He rose in power as the new president, with a freed Potemkin in his service. This event has little impact on the international community however, since Zepp is politically autonomous and culturally isolated. His good leadership is evident in The Butterfly and Her Gale as Zepp remains uninfluenced by the Assassin's Syndicate. In Guilty Gear Xtra, Gabriel, Potemkin and Ky Kiske worked together to destroy a gear carrier ship falling from space. Though peace seems to have settled in Zepp, it is implied that it still has some political instability as Gabriel was nearly assassinated in one ending in Accent Core. Potemkin took the bullet and died protecting him.

Gabriel is never seen in battle but his strength exceed that of his student Potemkin. Also, Slayer considers Gabriel his rival and wanted to fight him one last time before leaving the world in Accent Core.

Aside from Potemkin and Slayer, Gabriel has connections to the captain of the Jellyfish Pirates, Johnny Sfondi, despite the fact that they stole the Mayship from the Zepp military. Gabriel is also partially involved with the cover-up of Dizzy's bounty, indirectly coordinating with Ky Kiske to protect her.

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