I don’t have a lot of patience for this sort of thing. Let’s just get to it. You both stand charged with murdering two Starfleet officers, aggravated burglary, unauthorized possession of Starfleet property, and pissing me off. It’s the first and last things on that list that should concern you right now.
~ Lorca, to two of Kodos's people.

Captain Gabriel Lorca was a human male and secondary protagonist of the television series Star Trek: Discovery.

A member of the Federation Starfleet, Lorca had reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander in 2246, and was stationed at a monitoring outpost. During his time on Tarsus IV he entered into a relationship with colonist Balayna Ferasini. Balayna was one of the people killed by Kodos when he massacred 4,000 colonists.

After the Tarsus IV massacre he worked with Commander Philippa Georgiou in an attempt to locate former Tarsus IV Governor Adrian Kodos and bring him to justice.

By 2256 Lorca was Captain of the USS Buran.

Lorca's family owned a restaurant, and made fortune cookies. Lorca kept a steady supply of them on his ship.

In 2256, the Klingons led by T'Kuvma renewed their conflict with the Federation. During or after the Battle of the Binary Stars Lorca's place was taken by his mirror universe counterpart.

After learning of Mirror Lorca's deception, Starfleet concluded that in all likelihood Lorca had died after arriving in the Mirror Universe. However Lorca was still alive, being held in a secret prison.


  • The primary universe version of Lorca has not yet been seen on screen, all of the appearances of Lorca thus far have been of his mirror universe counterpart. This counterpart was first introduced in the episode Context is For Kings, who was portrayed by Jason Issacs.
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