My dream is to bring happiness to all people.
~ Gabriel.


Tenma Gabriel White is the titular protagonist of Gabriel DropOut. She's an angel who comes from heaven. Her goal was helping people and makes them happy to improve their lives.

She was voiced by Miyu Tomita.


Gabriel was an angel and the honor roll student at school. After graduating, she was sent to the Earth to help humanity and improve their lives. However, after few days, she found that laptop games is more fun than helping her, this result her to lock herself in her own room and undergo a drastic personality change. In the Earth, she made some friends, two of them are demons, and reunites with her best angel friend, Raphiel.


Gabriel had straight hair when she was nice. After she got addicted to video games, her hair becomes curlier. She also has indigo eyes. She sometimes ties a ponytail when she was working as a waitress, cooking, and having a PE class.


Gabriel was a nice girl before she becomes a fallen angel. She wants to help humans and making them happy. After she played MMO games. She became rude, merciless and somewhat sadistic. She treats everyone badly, especially her arch-rival, Satania and tries to destroy the Earth by playing the First Trumpet of Apocalypse when she was angry. Despite this, she still cares about her friends. For example: She visited Vignette (Gabriel's demon friend) when she was sick and persuade Master (Gabriel's boss and the landlord of the apartment that Satania currently lived in) to let Satania to pet a stray dog, and tell her sister how much she cares about her friends.


  • Her name is base on an angel from Greek mythology.
  • Gabriel shares the same voice actress with Yume Nijino from Aikatsu Stars!, who has the same hair color with her.
    • Her voice actress also voices Crimvael from Interspecies Reviewers, an angel whose hair is also blonde like her.

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