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Gabriel the Warrior - before whose sword all combatants would tremble.
~ The Narrator.
Everyone is running away, except for you.
~ Gabriel to Jesse.

Gabriel the Warrior is a member of the Order of the Stone, and a major protagonist in Minecraft: Story Mode, along with Petra. He was considered by many to be the greatest warrior of all time. He is voiced by Dave Fennoy, that voiced Lee Everett from the Walking Dead. He first appeared in ​the 1st episode of Season 1, The Order of the Stone.  



Gabriel appears to be a dark-skinned man with a moustache. He also wears navy tinted armor with diamonds embedded in it. 


Gabriel is a very strong and brave man, who, according to legend, was the one who killed the dragon with his famous final blow.

He always wanted to help people, and even after the truth about the Order of the Stone was revealed, Gabriel felt guilty and wanted to make things right.

Gabriel, however, was flawed in his thinking that friendships slows one down and are only bindings. Jesse, however, disagrees and proves this to be wrong through his/her actions.



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Season 1

The Order of the Stone

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Assembly Required

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The Last Place You Look

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A Block and a Hard Place

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  • Diamond Sword
  • Amulet of the Order of the Stone (Formerly)

Killed Victims

The list below shows the victims Gabriel has killed:

  • The Ender Dragon (Alongside The Order of the Stone, zapped out of existence)
  • Several Hostile Mobs
  • The Wither Storm (Caused)


I think the scientific name for it is 'poop'! That's what I stepped on.
~ Gabriel to Jesse.
Who's Gabriel?
~ Gabriel to Jesse. (determinant)
Hello, my name is Gabriel.
~ Gabriel to Ivor. (determinant)
Hold on to your potatoes!
~ Gabriel.
Say what you like about Witches, they sure know how to make a cake!
~ Gabriel.
My rear end is profoundly sore.
~ Gabriel.
What question do you have for the mighty Gabriel?
~ Gabriel to Jesse.
...Because I look...great?
~ Gabriel to Jesse. (Determinant)
My name...is Gabriel the Warrior!
~ Gabriel.
I see that time has made you bitter.....
~ Gabreil to Ivor at ender on keynote


  • Dave Fennoy also voiced Lee from Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 1. Both characters are dark skinned and get a serious disease at some point in the game (Gabriel gets Wither Sickness, and Lee is bitten by a zombie). Both characters' skin turns very pale after contracting the disease.
  • Gabriel is the only member of the Order wearing a helmet even after Episode 1. The rest don't wear any headgear.
  • Gabriel, along with Petra, had Wither Sickness. He will catch either weakening or amnesia type of the disease depending on Jesse's choice in Episode 1.
  • Gabriel's appearance is almost identical to Slab the Immovable and TNT Dustin.

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