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Gabrielle Burnham was a supporting character first introduced in the Star Trek: Discovery episode Brother as the mysterious Red Angel.

She was portrayed by Sonja Sohn.

A human astrophysicist and engineer, Burnham was the wife of Mike Burnham and the mother of Michael. In the 2230s she and her family were stationed on Doctari Alpha, ostensibly as a research scientist. In reality Burnham and Mike were Section 31 agents, working on a secret time travel initiative.

When their outpost was attacked by Klingons, Burnham managed to escape using the time travel suit they had been working on. Intending to go back one hour in the past to stop the Klingons from attacking, she was instead catapulted 950 years in to a future where Control had evolved and killed all sentient life in the galaxy.

Learning how to navigate through time Burnham was able to partially travel back to the 23rd century and worked to change key events in history. She helped save her daughter's life when Michael ran away from her home with Sarek's family on Vulcan, communicating with Michael's foster brother Spock to warn him that Michael needed to be rescued. Spock informed his parents, who were able to find Michael and save her from a large Vulcan predator.

Through a series of visions Burnham warned Spock of what would happen in the galaxy if things were allowed to continue and Control gained full sentience. Due to the dyslexia like condition Spock suffered from, Burnham found he was the only one she could communicate with.

Burnham also used her suit and the powers it granted her to transport a group of humans from 2053 when humanity was in the midst of World War III to a planet 50,000 light years away that would be called Terralysium. She would later take refuge on that world after finding it untouched by Control.

At several points Burnham traveled back in time to save her daughter's life. Discovery was able to use that to lure her to the 23rd century where she informed them of what Control would do if it gained full seintence before being pulled back in to the future.

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