Gaira Caffeine, known to Korean speakers as Kim Ungche, is one of the heroes in Samurai Shodown.


Gaira is the nephew of Nicotine Caffeine and a monk in training. In his ending to Samurai Shodown V, he is comically shaved bald at the whim of several other hairless characters. Years later, with his hair grown back, he and his uncle have an argument, causing Gaira to leave his home and venture out on his own. During his travels, he witnesses Zankuro Minazuki slaughtering an entire village but is too afraid to stop him. Ashamed by his cowardice, as well as he decides to defeat the "demon", but finds Zankuro already slain. He must takes the body, buries and then enshrines it. His later appearances in the series continue to have Gaira exorcise demons as training.

It is implied that he returns to Koka-in Temple sometime after Amakusa's second defeat. Like Haohmaru and Nicotine, he also took part in Mikoto's upbringing.


Gaira is a relatively carefree man who likes to party. His charismatic love for adventure contrasts the solemn nature of his profession, leading to several arguments with Nicotine over his behavior. He acts as though he doesn't care for the temple but in reality, he is hesitant to accept his responsibilities to the Buddhist faith during his youth.


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