Galacta Knight

Galacta Knight

Galacta Knight is a character an and an anti-hero from the video games series Kirby. Times ago, It is said that Galacta Knight was one of the heroes who custody the vastness of the universe.


Galacta Knight has a great resmeblance to Meta Knight (In terms of aspect, battle stance, etc), He has, however some noticeable difference namely, her red gloom eyes, A more darker armor and wings far more prominent.


Galacta Knight, while feared and respected, is never stated as evil, in fact, many of the occasion that, he has been a antagonist are for the sake of the player, It is said, However, That actually is benevolent in nature as for example allowing Kirby to defeat Nightmare and also defeating Hyness in the past. However, This doesn't mean that he is approchable to others, is technically an anti-hero like Meta Knight.


Galacta Knight appears for first time during the cut scene of Kirby Super Star Ultra as the boss of the area, During this game, He faight Meta Kngihtmare in the dimensional passage, during the battle he use Fighting skills, and magical attack similar to those of Meta Knight, Until he is defeated, He make reappreance in other diverse games and a cameo in Super Smash Bros.

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