Galacta Knight is a character an and an anti-hero from the video games series Kirby. Times ago, It is said that Galacta Knight was one of the heroes who custody the vastness of the universe.


Galacta Knight has a great resemblance to Meta Knight (In terms of aspect, battle stance, etc). He has, however, some noticeable difference namely, his red gloomy eyes, a more darker armor and wings far more prominent.


Galacta Knight, while feared and respected, is never stated as evil. In fact, many of the occasions are that he has been an antagonist for the sake of the player. It is said, however, that actually is benevolent in nature as for example allowing Kirby to defeat Nightmare and also defeating Hyness in the past. However, this doesn't mean that he is approachable to others, as he is technically an anti-hero like Meta Knight.


Galacta Knight appears for first time during the cut scene of Kirby Super Star Ultra as the boss of the area, During this game, He fought Meta Knightmare in the dimensional passage, during the battle he used fighting skills, and magical attacks similar to those of Meta Knight until he is defeated. He makes a reappreance in other diverse games and a cameo in Super Smash Bros.



  • Due to his reputation, Galacta Knight is one of the strongest characters in the franchise.
  • Galacta Knight is regarded as the most enigmatic character in the franchise.
  • Compared to the other final bosses in general, Galacta Knight isn't an eldritch abomination.
  • Kirby Star Allies states that Galacta Knight has fought the likes of Void Termina before, a testament that holds merit, due to the Galacta Knight's abilities.
  • Despite being armed with a lance, Galacta Knight uses it in a sword-like manner aking to Meta Knight, this could be due to the fact that Galacta Knight is seen a harder version of the latter.
  • Opposite to Meta Knight bat-like wings, Galacta Knight possesses angel-like wings.
    • Unlike Meta Knight though, Galacta Knight's wings are always present.
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