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I've got an ending for you. The reporter left for dead in the news van comes to, stumbles on you two dips--ts, finds the gun, and saves the day.
~ Gale to Billy and Stu.

Gale Weathers is the tritagonist and a major character who appears in all four Scream movies.

Gale is portrayed by Courtney Cox, who also portrays Monica Geller in Friends, Melissa Robinson in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Dr. Marsha Holloway in Zoom, and voices Daisy in Barnyard.


When we first meet her she is a bitchy news reporter only thinking of herself but as the first movie progresses we get to see a softer side to her as the horror unfolds around her. The first notable thing to happen to her is when Sidney punches her in the face over the sordid book she has written about her mother's death much to the delight of the soon to be killed Tatum, who was Sidney's best friend and sister to the local Deputy Sheriff.

As this movie progresses Gale's character is terrorized almost as much as Sidney and her much bullied camera man is killed by the killer. She also suffers a serious head injury near the conclusion of the first film after crashing her news van into a tree. It is Gale who fires the shot at the end of the first film to try and save Sidney but gets beaten for her trouble but does survive and is becomes a better person for all she has gone through.


  • Janeane Garofalo was offered the role of Gale, but turned it down.


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