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I'll extinguish you with my burning soul!
~ Galo Thymos

Galo Thymos (ガロ・ティモス) is the main protagonist of the first anime film by Studio Trigger Promare.

He is voiced by Kenichi Matsuyama in the Japanese version and by the late Billy Kametz in the English version.


Galo is a well-built young man with a tan complexion and a large blue mohawk that is shaved on the sides. His eyes are teal with red dots. He generally wears a Burning Rescue uniform, sans the shirt, and a white compression sleeve on his left arm. His Burning Rescue uniform consists of red pants with yellow stripes and a yellow "3" on the side, black and yellow boots and gloves, a black T-shirt, and a jacket with similar coloration to the pants, though we never see him wearing this jacket in the movie.


Galo is Burning Rescue's newest recruit and is very obviously a rookie. He is impulsive and reckless, rarely planning ahead or thinking about the consequences of his actions. He seems to be very cocky and arrogant but is also deeply compassionate and hates to see others hurt. He leads with his emotions and is reliant on his instincts rather than logical thinking. He is also extremely loyal which unfortunately makes him rather easy to manipulate.

Galo is shown to not be particularly intelligent. This is commented on by several characters throughout the film, some of the first being Gueira and Meis during the clash between Burning Rescue and the Mad Burnish. Despite this, Galo does seem to have some level of emotional intelligence, as he is shown to take the time to cool off when he finds himself overwhelmed by driving to a frozen lake he found in his youth.

Galo is very passionate, with his greatest passion being firemen during the Edo period, also known as Hikeshi. He is shown to be highly knowledgeable on the subject to the point of having a premade presentation about the topic ready at all times. He is so interested in the topic that he requests that both Lucia and Lio incorporate Matoi's into the mechs they use during the movie.


  • His appearance is similar to that of the character Kamina from Gurren Lagann, another Studio Trigger production.


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