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you are just mad because you are angry
~ A phrase said by Kevin of GAW.
No one should ever go hungry. No one should die in the cold when homes lay empty. No one should ever have to suffer needlessly again.

And if one hundred rich men have to die for this to happen? I won't mourn.
~ Jude Kriyot in SCP-4669.
It… It was supposed to be a joke. It was funny. I changed Mass Effect 2 into Mass Effect 3, my neighbor's SUV into a Smart Car, I didn't use it on people! You bastards, why the hell would you do that? I'm not a murderer damn it! Why, why would you turn a joke into a torture device? Just… just get out of my cell. I'm done talking.
~ Nathan Pierce when finding out that the Foundation used SCP-3108 on people.

The Gamers Against Weed are a benevolent force in SCP mythos. They are a loosely-organized people who create anomalies for reasons which range from amusement to satirical purposes.

The group organizes almost exclusively over the internet, and has roughly forty members who possesses paranormal powers and are composed primarily of dispossessed or otherwise marginalized individuals aged fifteen to thirty located in the Western hemisphere. Gamers Against Weed originated as a splinter of Are We Cool Yet?, but later abandoned the creation of anomalous art. While several GAW-produced anomalies pose serious threats to secrecy, the threat to human life has been minimal. The group seems to be aware of the SCP Foundation but is not actively hostile towards them.

They are centric figures in the series "Jude's Bizarre Adventure", "Cool and Awesome Ways to Say No to Weed", "Ladies & Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space" and "The Eternal MxTape".


The Gamers Against Weed was a splinter cell group working for the Are We Cool Yet? organization dedicated to making anomalous art, however the original goal was abandoned and they now work for themselves and only themselves (although they have reproduced Dr. Wondertainment's little misters).

They were founded by AWCY? member Jude Kriyot after he left the group when his friend was killed by an AWCY? exhibition. It is believed that they only want to have fun by using anomalous items for pranks. There have been times where they are shown as empathic people who want to take care of those excluded individuals who were going through tough times. However, they did use one item (SCP-4669) to forcibly convert people to join a socialist militant group, making them a larger threat than usual.

Several items created by GAW have since been designated SCPs by the Foundation.

Relationships with other anomalous groups

The Serpent's Hand and the GAW are generally quite friendly to each other. However, they do not consider each other full allies. jockjamsvol6 is also a member of the Hand, while Jude and Esther are simple visitors to the Wanderer's Library.

The SCP Foundation consider the GAW hostile, and attempt to track down and neutralize the GAW. However, this task has proven more difficult then expected, due to them not having many members and their anomalous capabilities. The GAW generally do not view the foundation with hostility, even though the foundation have repeatedly contained anomalies they have created and arrested GAW operatives.

Global Occult Coalition treats the GAW with hostility due to them being anomalous. However, the GOC show little to no interest at all, and will tend to leave the GAW alone. The Unusual Incidents Unit is also aware of GAW and has pursued some of their anomalies. The Horizon Initiative view GAW in a negative light, but are not enemies.

Because they splintered themselves from the anart group Are We Cool Yet? due the latter's horrible actions, the GAW, mostly Jude, is hostile to the AWCY?, but when the official account of AWCY? was asked what GAW was the account expressed confusion of what they were, implying that AWCY? aren't really aware of GAW.

SCP-4239-1, member of the Misters Against Weed, had slayed many Sarkites in the ancient past, leading to them becoming some of his enemies.

The GAW seems to have a hostile relationship with Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. as they see them as selfish rich people who profit off the poor and don't care about anyone else. This also seems to be the case for Dr. Wondertainment as the GAW has talked very poorly about the toy company and even parodied their Little Misters line.

The GAW seems to have a friendly relationship with Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, as Faeowynn Wilson is a close friend to both Jude and Esther. The GAW has also worked together with Ambrose Restaurant with one of their establishments in BackDoor Soho.

Wren Masterson is also a member of the Church of Maxwellism. Following the collapse of SCP-5470, almost all of the Maxwellists who previously inhabited the anomalous reality, which included MxMasters, were taken under the care of GAW. CommunismAnarchismNihilism may also be a member of the Fifth Church.

In Timeline A-50, the universe's version of the Black Queen was a member of the GAW.

Another online-based group named Gamers For Weed, which originated as a joke by Esther Kogan, formed independently and were determined to keep people from doing drugs unlike GAW. The two groups went into an online "war", surprising each other with memes that made viewers either quit doing drugs or start doing them, until eventually coming to ceasefire.

SCPs associated with GAW

  • SCP-285: A shapeshifting Mister named Mr. Hax created by a member of Gamers Against Weed as part of their parody line of Misters, but after its creator joined the Serpent's Hand it was then used to violently attack the Unusual Incidents Unit against its own will. It possessed some digital documents that possessed information regarding the creator and the two groups before they became corrupted after 285 was abandoned by its creator who severely abused it.
  • SCP-1168: A copper sculpture resembling the Statue of Theseus by Georgios Fytalis, with differences being that the sculpture possesses 30 Chuck-E-Cheese game tokens and its shield is inscribed with the phrases "Render Onto Caesar What Is Caesar's" in Greek and "Thus Theseus laid low the savage one with the body having being conquered" in Latin. When 170 or more meters of yarn is placed into the sculpture's right hand it would activate and enter a pending state. While in its pending state if it is put in close proximity with people matching the profiles of Alpha-1168 and Beta-1168, it will point at them with its middle finger, designating them SCP-1168-1 and SCP-1168-2 each. If SCP-1168-1 is in a same room as SCP-1168-2 he will materialize a wooden club and be encased in a cube of ice, while SCP-1168-2 would as where the sex offender is. This sculpture was created by Jude Kryiot after his friend was killed as a result of SCP-1800's effects.
  • SCP-1401-EX: The collective designation for a group of 22 printed warning posters which inform the reader of a nonexistent ailment defined as "being scrombled [sic]". They were stapled onto telephone poles around Illinois, USA by a member of GAW in order to waste the Foundation's time.
  • SCP-2140-1-G4: An image featuring symbols of unknown origin. When a person looks at the full image entire past is slightly rewritten to make them have a craving for fast-food quesadillas. It was created after the Foundation, as part of Test 914-0269, inserted their version of SCP-2140 inside SCP-914 on the Coarse setting. The personnel later had it destroyed.
  • SCP-2293: A phenomenon which manipulates various media such as TV shows, video games, music and books, to have a character say to the audience the line "Did you know that world-renowned writer Stephen King was once hit by a car? Just something to consider." at a pivotal moment. It was created by Jude Kriyot as a prank on Andressa Santos, but it later got out of hand.
  • SCP-2433: An image of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders from which are derived several memes designated SCP-2433-1. When people online interacted with these memes either by liking, sharing, or discussing, would cause an SCP-2433-μ event which would manifest money near Sanders. This anomaly was created by GAW to support Sanders in his campaign.
  • SCP-2658: A white paper card resembling a standard poker playing card with the words “Mox Ruby”, “0”, and "Tap: Red" written on it in blue ink. This "card" caused any collector of merchandise to believe it as a highly rare and valuable card from Magic: The Gathering and disregard their collection, giving their collection of cards and other products to others since they now deem those as worthless when compared to SCP-2658. The card was created by someone who was probably a member of both GAW and The Factory in order to fix the Magic: The Gathering's cost issues.
  • SCP-2721-LORD: One half of a sentient alien satellite named Eli which have a significant presence in social media. Eli, under the username bones acts as a moderator for the Gamers Against Weed chat.
  • SCP-2726: The collective designation of old social media posts created by a member of GAW named Jadzia under her username "mashedpork". Following her suicide, several members of GAW decided to memorialize her by summoning a ghost and implant it with Jadzia's memories before sending it to inhabit the posts, becoming SCP-2726-A. As SCP-2726-A it began changing the posts in order to become a viral paranormal phenomena.
  • SCP-3078: A series of cognitohazardous replicating memes created and posted by harmpit. These memes caused viewers to uncontrollably laugh, but as a side effect it caused those affected to be unable to breathe while laughing, leading to them suffocating to death. This caused severe distress to harmpit who originally intended to just make people laugh and not kill them and begged the Foundation to fix this, which they thankfully did.
  • SCP-3090: A Mister named Ms. Mad About Video Games with a detachable television set for a head. When any interactive media is present near her in a 10 m radius would cause those media to generate an icon of SCP-3090 on the bottom-left corner of the screen and become instances of SCP-3090-1 which when played, would cause the players to be connected to their video game avatar.
  • SCP-3108: A Nerf gun equipped with foam bullets designated SCP-3108-1, which transforms subjects it shoots in a state considered as worse. It was created by Nathan Pierce as a birthday gift for his ten year old brother.
  • SCP-4239: An island named Kenowhere located in Lake Michigan which is hidden by SCP-4239-1 and when intruders attempt to enter the island are unable to do so.
    • SCP-4239-1: A Mister named Mr. Destiny whose head transforms into various types of dog heads when no one is looking at him, and was somehow teleported to the ancient past. He possesses the ability to metaphysically encourage unemployed people who were unable to integrate into society to fight against their suppressors and achieve their goals in life and eventually began all living in the island.
  • SCP-4493: A transmittable anomaly which affects corporations and political groups' social media posts or advertisements that express support for the LGBT community during the month of June. When these organizations try to publicly profess solidarity with or support for LGBT individuals through these media, the messages would alter to instead describe the negative impact the organizations had on the LGBT community. The affected media, designated SCP-4493-1, and their re-posts cannot be deleted through conventional means. The anomaly also extends to physical billboards, designated SCP-4493-2, but they can easily be destroyed. The anomaly was secretly created by Jude Kriyot after he became upset that various organizations pretended to care for the LGBT community during the Pride Month.
  • SCP-4581: An indestructible modified cassette tape of the Dead Kennedys' 1981 album In God We Trust, Inc. When someone attempts to overwrite Side One it will play the most inappropriate copyrighted songs at the moment at a high volume, the effect being designated SCP-4581-A. When SCP-4581-A is uploaded in a network-capable device an infohazard designated SCP-4581-∞ would infect all media files of the device and overwrite them with a random track. When an attempt at overwritting Side Two is made, the cassette tape would silence and scrub any communication within 300 meters and only leaving the tape hiss. This effect is designated SCP-4581-B and is essential to contain SCP-4581-∞. It was created my MxMasters to help polaricecraps deal with a guy uploading videos supporting Neo-Nazis.
  • SCP-4669: A Mister named Ms. Zapatista resembling an indigenous Mexican woman who can use her statements, designated SCP-4669-1, to turn listeners into SCP-4669-2 instances, people determined to destroy capitalism and establish communism through riots, protests and assassinations. She is apparently in a relationship with SCP-4239-1.
  • SCP-5148: A phenomenon which causes all files in Site-19's SCiPnet database about Keter-class anomalies to have the word Keter replaced with Peter and any image attached to the file to be replaced with an image of crude drawing of Peter Griffin.
  • SCP-6774: An entity named Preppy that affects a number of paperclips. When someone talks about their concern related to an apocalyptic event in proximity to one of the paperclips then the entity would manifest to give helpful advices to the person via letters floating around it and forming words and offer to transport them to a world which was undergoing the "Rapture". With help of a mole embedded within GAW, the Foundation was able to capture the creator of SCP-6774, who was later designated SCP-6774-1.





  • Although the name suggests they are against weed, this is in fact untrue, as they tend to smoke cannabis when not doing missions and pranks.
  • The Gamers Against Weed were created around the time of the 2016 presidential election which was most likely the basis of the GAW's nature as a very activist-minded, political group.
  • The GAW was mostly hated in the Russian branch of SCP Foundation due to deeming it too ridiculous for their standards. Because of this any article translation even mentioning the GAW would be downvoted to deletion regardless of the quality of execution, and so the translators have refused to translate any new GAW article. However, this appears to have changed over time.
  • Li’l Lollipop of Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting once tried to troll the GAW chat rooms by telling them that she was gamer who unironically was opposed to marijuana.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, GAW was part of the Watchers which was also comprised by Parawatch and was one of the GoIs that made up the Compendium.

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