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~ Gandhi

Gandhi is one of the main characters of the MTV animated series, Clone High. He is the genetic clone of Mahatma Gandhi and a student at Clone High High School. He is a dumbass flunkie, who likes booty-dancing. He is best friends with Abe Lincoln and Joan of Arc.

He is voiced by Michael McDonald.


Sometime in the 1980's, Gandhi was created when Principal Scudworth used the genetic tissue from the original Mahatma Gandhi to make a genetic clone of him. As a baby, the clone of Gandhi was raised in a suburban household in a neighborhood at Exclamation Point by Jewish parents, who brought him up to be Jewish too. As a kid, he was best friends with his neighbor Abe Lincoln (the clone of Abraham Lincoln) as well as Joan of Arc (the clone of Jeanne D'arc).

As a teenager, Gandhi went to high school at Clone High High School with Abe and Joan. At school, he is a total dumbass flunkie, who fails all his tests because he keeps goofing off in class. He does have an interest in dancing and has even started up a dancing group called "The Solid Gandhi Dancers". In high school, Gandhi has also formed friendships with George Washington Carver in "Film Fest" and Marie Curie in "A.D.D.: The Last "D" is for "Disorder"", who later became his girlfriend.

In "Changes", Gandhi formed a stag group with Van Gogh, Genghis Khan, George Washington Carver, Thomas Edison, Moses, MLK3, Nostradamus, Buddha, and Voltaire.


  • Gandhi has an obsession for shoving stuff up his nose.
  • Gandhi is Jewish, despite his clonefather being Hindu.
  • Gandhi has A.D.D. as well as A.D.H.D., it's hyperactive cousin.
  • Several Hindus in India got offended by Clone High depicting Gandhi in a negative light, (portraying him as a horny, irritating, dumbass who occasionally gets beaten up and engages in homosexual acts). So they went on a hunger strike to protest the show into cancellation, leading to the show getting axed after one season.
    • A reboot of the show has been announced although it's unknown if Gandhi will be in it or not.
    • Showrunners, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have claimed that they had a number of plans to work around the Gandhi controversy. One idea would be to have Gandhi killed off by sacrificing himself to save the other clones from the freezer. Another idea was to retcon his backstory and make it so that Gandhi is actually the clone of Gary Coleman. Again, it is unknown if either of these stories will actually happen in the reboot or not.
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