So, you're the Admiral. Hmph. Lead ship of the Gangut class, Gangut. You've got a good look. Alright.
~ Gangut
I'll contribute as much as I can to this fight too. Leave it to me.
~ Gangut

Gangut (Russian: Гангут) is a character and one of the heroes from the Kantai Collection series who was implemented into the game on the 2nd of May, 2017.

She is the Fleet Girl counterpart to the Northern Water Princess.

She is voiced by Seto Asami and drawn by Yadokari.


Gangut was both the lead ship of the Gangut-class dreadnoughts of the Imperial Russian Navy built before World War I and the last of her class to be completed. She was named after the Russian victory over the Swedish Navy in the Battle of Gangut in 1714. She was completed during the winter of 1914–1915, but was not ready for combat until mid-1915. Her role was to defend the mouth of the Gulf of Finland against the Germans, who never tried to enter, so she spent her time training and providing cover for minelaying operations. Her crew joined the general mutiny of the Baltic Fleet after the February Revolution and joined the Bolsheviks in 1918. She was laid up in 1918 for lack of manpower and not recommissioned until 1925, by which time she had been renamed Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (Russian: Октябрьская революция: October Revolution).



  • She has a brown reddish eyes and long grey hair, along with a hairclip on her left sidelock, also a noticable scar can be seen on her left upper cheek, and wears a white peaked cap with black visor. She wears a red button-up shirt and a black pleated skirt with a double stripe on it. She also wears a long white jacket and a pair of black shoulder belt with an anchor accessory attached on her belt, along with another belt surrounding on bottom of the edge of her jacket, a pair of black gloves, some pantyhose and a pair of black boots. She also comes with a smoke pipe.
  • In her Oktyabrskaya Revolyutsiya remodel, parts of her outfit turns red, including the visor on her cap, her jacket's shoulders, and her cuff sleeves.


  • A bit old-fashion, addressing the Admiral as 貴様 (Kisama), a very polite phrase in ancient Japan, but could also refer to the enemy when confronting.
  • She occasionally inserts Russian words into her speech.
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