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Gao Mikado is the hero and main protagonist to Future Card Buddyfight. He is a type of guy who defends anyone from bullies to the point he inverts his coat to become the Mighty Sun Fighter(based on his late brother Yota Mikado's work). He travels with his companions; Baku Omori and Kuguru Uki. Even though he faces tough trials, he keeps a sharp eye. And wants to prevent those from going to the dark side.

He'll even go to such extremes to save them. This is evident when one of his friends has betrayed his team.

He fights for Dragon World and has 3 buddies per season Drum Bunker Dragon in Season 1 and Hundred, Dragon of the Sun Bal Dragon in Triple D, and currently Demon Lord Dragon Batzz in X. Eventually he is reunited with the latter two buddies in the mini season All Star Fight. In the last episode of All-Star Fight after visiting his late brother's grave Gao, Batzz, Chibi Panda, and his family moves to America after the GGG cup ends saying goodbye to his friends. In that certain episode while inside the plane he had a dream as he and Batzz buddyfights his future son named Yuga Mikado and his buddy Gargantua Dragon. 22 years later he later married Paruko Nanana(the resident buddyfight commentator) and had a son who is indeed Yuga.

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