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Gargamel's nephews are a trio of unnamed characters who appear in the Smurfs comic book story of
Gargamels Nephews
the same name. They are three boys who resemble their uncle Gargamel (possibly being the children of Gargamel's twin brother Gourmelin), who are sent to be watched over by him while taking a break from their studies to become sorcerers. Unlike Gargamel, the three boys are basically good at heart, with their only intention being to please their uncle however way they see fit. While on an expedition with Gargamel to capture Smurfs, his nephews end up being lost in the forest and fall asleep when the Smurfs encounter them. Upon awakening, the boys are initially scared because of what their uncle Gargamel has told them about the Smurfs, but once they find out how friendly the Smurfs really are, they decide to help protect the little blue creatures from their uncle by giving him a false map that claims to lead anyone directly to the Smurf Village. After Gargamel is led by the map into a nest full of lynxes, the nephews part ways with their uncle and the Smurfs and head straight for home.


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